May 24, 2019

Collapsible Metal Tubes Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2018-2025

Market Overview:

Collapsible tubes are flexible composite containers for the storage and dispensing of product formulations that usually have a pasty consistency. Collapsible tubes made of alloy, tin or aluminium as they are commonly used for inclosing and delivering liquid, viscous or pasty products such as tooth pastes are generally fitted with a cap so as to be perfectly air tight. Global Collapsible Metal Tubes Market was valued USD XX million in in 2018, the market is expected to grow with the CAGR of XX % in the forecasted period and to reach USD XX million by 2025.

Market Dynamics:

The Collapsible Metal Tubes market is growing rapidly due to the rise in the global urban population and growing concerns among customers related to the bad effects of plastic packaging in the atmosphere has fuelled the growth of the collapsible metal tubes market globally.Collapsible metal tubes are on trend globally due to easy to use and recyclable properties. Also, manufacturers of collapsible metal tube are focusing on expanding their production capacity in order to meet soaring demand, either by adding machinery to the manufacturing facility or by acquiring emerging small and regional collapsible metal tubes companies.

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Key Players:

The Collapsible Metal Tubesmarket consists global and regional players including Hubei Xin Ji Pharmaceutical Packaging Co., Ltd.,Montebello Packaging, Andpak Inc., Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, Auber Packaging Co., Ltd.,Linhardt GmbH & Co. KG, SUBNIL Packaging Machineries (P) Ltd., CONSTRUCT Packaging, Universal Metal Products, EsselPropack Limited, AntillaPropack, Albéa S.A., D.N.Industries, ALLTUB Group, PAKET CORPORATION, Perfect Containers Pvt. Ltd., JiujiangDeshun Adhesives Co., Ltd.,and other.

Market Segmentation:

The Collapsible Metal Tubesmarket is bifurcated on the basis of product type, capacity type, end user, closure type and region. On the basis of end user the Collapsible Metal Tubes machinemarket is classified into cosmetics, industrial, home care & personal care, food, pharmaceuticaland Others.

Collapsible Metal Tubesmarket by region segmented into North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific and Middle East & Africa.Asia Pacific is expected to dominate the Collapsible Metal Tubesmarket in the fastest period and Japan is expected to contribute majority of the market share.

Market segmented on the basis of end user:

– Cosmetics

– Home care & personal care

– Industrial

– Pharmaceutical

– Food

– Others

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Market segmented on the basis of product type:

– Squeeze Tube

– Twist Tube

– Others

Market segmented on the basis of capacity type:

– Less than 20ml

– 20 to 100ml

– More than 100ml

Market segmented on the basis of closure type:

– Stand up cap

– Nozzle cap

– Fez cap

– Flip top cap

– Others

Market segmented on the basis of region:

– North America

• US

• Canada

• Mexico

– Europe

• UK

• Germany

• France

• Rest of Europe

– Asia-Pacific

• China

• Japan

• India

• Australia

• Rest of Asia-Pacific

– Latin America

• Brazil

• Rest of Latin America

– Middle East and Africa (MEA)

• South Africa

• Saudi Arabia

• Rest of MEA

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