May 24, 2019

Medical Beds and Chairs Market – Top competitor, Industry Development And Market Overview 2018-2025

“The medical beds and chairs are particularly intended to give the quality of sleep and comfort to hospitalized patients and take into account their other healthcare requirements. These therapeutic equipment give relaxation as well as adaptability to the patient. Restorative beds are extensively categorized as ICU beds, regular beds, pediatric beds, respiratory beds, bariatric beds, home care beds along with birthing beds. These beds are utilized in academic research institutes, home health care facilities, nursing homes, clinics as well as hospitals. These medical beds are electric, semi-electric and manual beds. The medical chairs are categorized into treatment and examination chairs, rehabilitation chairs, ENT chairs, cardiac chairs, blood drawing chairs, ophthalmic chairs, wheelchairs as well as dialysis chairs. Wheelchairs are basically categorized into two kinds: powered wheelchairs and manual wheelchairs. The medical chairs take into consideration the development of the patient, for example, patient transfer chairs for the most secure and simplest transfer of the patient, elderly chairs to help the old individuals in versatility and security.

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Developing geriatric populace, expanding predominance of chronic ailments, mechanical advancements, expanding the number of hospitals as well as the requirement for better healthcare services is fuelling the development of the worldwide market for medical beds and chairs. In addition, expanding hospital going populace as well as developing a need for affordable and multi-functional medical equipment are different aspects considered to supporting the development of the worldwide market for medical beds and chairs. On the other hand, the absence of skilled and prepared medical professionals to deal with basic patients obstructs the development of the worldwide market for medical beds and chairs.

The worldwide market for medical beds and chairs segmented in terms of the type of care includes fall prevention, bariatric care, wound care, critical care along with others. In terms of the end users, this market is categorized into nursing homes, hospitals, academic research institutes, clinics, along with others. In terms of the type of medical beds, this market is divided into long-term care beds, psychiatric care beds, curative care beds, and others. In terms of the type of medical chairs, this market is inclusive of surgery chairs, wheelchairs, MRI chairs, dental chairs, and others.

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North America regional market is figured to be one of the most lucrative and attractive regions for medical bed and chairs, trailed by Europe. This is attributable to technological progressions, growing occurrence of diseases, augmented healthcare expenditure, as well as well built up healthcare infrastructure in these markets. The Asia market for medical beds and chairs is believed to foresee high expansion rate over the approaching few years. This is mainly because of rising figure of accidents, building up healthcare infrastructure, rising disposable income, as well as on the rise geriatric populace in the market.

Rising economies of the nation, for instance, China and India, are considered to fuel the Asia market for medical beds and chairs. In addition, progressions in technology, as well as manufacturing procedure in emerging nations, are generating novel opportunities for market players in the worldwide market for medical beds and chairs. Growing figures of mergers and acquisitions, increase in the figure of partnerships and collaborations, as well as fresh product launches are a few of the recent trends foreseen in the worldwide market for medical beds and chairs. A few of the foremost companies active in the worldwide market for medical beds and chairs are Stryker Corporation, ArjoHuntleigh, Graham Field Health Products, Inc., Sunrise Medical, Hill-Rom, Inc., NOA Medical Industries Inc., HARD Manufacturing Co., Inc., M.C. Healthcare Products Inc., Invacare Corporation and Columbia Medical.”

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