January 28, 2020

Connected (Smart) Street Lights Market Forecast & Global Industry Analysis by 2027

"Connected or smart street light is the intelligent street lightning system that adjusts automatically based on the real time traffic conditions and change according to realistic condition. The conventional street light is one of the major source of electricity consumption owing to the continuous operation of lighting during the night time, thus in order to reduce the unnecessary electricity consumption, the existing conventional system has to be adapted to intelligent lighting system. This smart street lights consists of IR sensor, PIR sensor, low cost embedded controller and memory devices.

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Countries such as India and China in the Asia Pacific region, along with African countries are heavily investing in solar streetlights. European countries such as U.K and Germany are also implementing the solar-powered lighting which is economical considering their low-power dependency which makes them suitable even for adverse climatic conditions.The global smart/connected street lights market is expected to reach approximately USD XX million by 2027 growing at a XX% CAGR over the forecast period 2018-2027

The global connected street lights market can be segmented on the basis of its connectivity and components. Based on the connectivity, the market is segregated into wired and wireless.

The wired segment is further sub-divided into power line communication and others. In terms of component, the connected street lights market is categorized into hardware, services, and software. In which, hardware segment is sub-divided into controllers/relays and sensors.

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Technological developments has undoubtedly boosted the demand for connected (smart) street lights market on the international level in last few years. It has enhanced the capacity of street lights, which is more efficient than the regular street lights. The never-ending demand for sustainable lighting solutions has led to significant growth for connected (smart) street lights across nations in both developed and developing regions. In addition, the development of smart cities across nations around the world has forced the government and companies to look forward to smart lighting solutions. As these smart lighting technologies helps in reducing carbon emissions, available at lower cost, and help increase overall efficiency.

Depending on the networking technology, the market is sub-segmented into narrowband, medium-band, and broadband technology. The narrow-band technology is further categorized into Sigfox, LoRa, RPMA, and others. The medium band includes PLC, RF mesh, and others, whereas the broadband technology consists of 3G/4G cellular, Wi-Fi, and others

Some of the few players in the market are Silver Springs Network Inc., Acuity Brands Lighting Inc., EnGo PLANET, Twilight Citelum S.A., OSRAM Licht Group, Flashnet SRL, Dimonoff Inc., General Electric Co., Philips Lighting N.V., Schreder Group, Echelon Corporation, Toshiba Lighting, Led Roadway Lighting Ltd, and Telensa Ltd.

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