#12 Jboxcoin (JBOX) 🇬🇧

JBOX researches and utilizes the best blockchain technologies, by bringing you a new decentralized sustainable video streaming cryptocurrency system. The system is within the scope of movie/video industry and cryptocurrency industry.

Jboxcoin airdrop is worth to 100 JBOX($10)tokens.

Also, share your referral link to earn 10 JBOXtokens for each referral.

Airdrop description:

1:Open the bot airdrop link.

2:Join Jboxcoin on Telegram group and channel.

3:Follow Jboxcoin on Twitter.

4:You will receive 100 JBOX tokens on November 15.

5:Get 10 JBOX tokens for each referral.

Required tools:

Telegram Twitter Eth address