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It was a beautiful day in mid-August as Betsy and Marilyn Rogers rode their ten-speed bicycles along the paved back country road. It was just after dinner and they had eaten their fill at the camp on their paternal grandfather's land. It was their secluded local private resort where they could relax as they desired. The pond was perfect for skinny dipping, especially in the shallow spot where the temperature on a hot summer day had warmed the water enough to be comfortable. Warm enough as to not to make your nipples go erect, at least not until you went out a bit farther and deeper.

The land upon which the camp sat was composed of deciduous woods and a two acre spring fed lake. It was a large parcel, almost an entire section. There was a small two track trail that led to a small shack next to the pond almost in the middle of the section, almost half a mile from the nearest road.

The smallish shack held miscellaneous tools and recreational equipment for use of the pond in one section and another section large enough for a queen sized bed, a metal storage cabinet, and a table. The mattress for the bed had been disposed of long ago as it was simply too inviting for White-footed mice and Red Squirrels looking for a comfy home to ignore. The frame was now used to place two pieces of carpet cut to size to act as a base for placing sleeping bags on. Even the carpet fragment was kept in a capped metal container to keep it from being chewed to pieces by the local fauna. The room was used during nasty weather or whenever someone didn't want to erect a tent to sleep in porno shemale

The gate to the trail was kept locked and the land was posted against trespass. The girls had never encountered anyone on the property that had not been invited over all the years they had camped there. Now at the ages of twenty three and twenty four they could say it had been a long time. The cousins had been close friends for as long as they could remember and over the past four years had camped almost every weekend during the summer. Often with their boyfriends, though for the last five months it had been only the two of them.

It seemed unusual that both had broken up with their boyfriends at almost the same time for different reasons. They had commiserated with each other and the pain of broken hearts and lost love had slowly passed as the weeks went by. They had kidded one another that what they needed was one good man to share between the two of them. They had laughed and joked they could keep one very horny man busy enough.

They had decided to take a four-mile ride around the entire section to work off the calories they had consumed. The ride was comfortable enough in deck shoes, cutoffs, and halter tops. The air moving over their bare skin felt cool as they peddled slowly. They were on mile three when they saw something along the side of the road ahead of them. As they drew closer they saw it was a bike rider sitting the ground next to a bike loaded down with camping gear, the front tire in his lap. A flat tire for sure.

They didn't slow their pace and simply waved to the man as they went by. He looked up and waved back as they passed and then went back to working on the tire. The man was dressed in a short-sleeved tee-shirt and cutoffs. A baseball style cap and mirrored sunglasses decorated his head.


Marilyn looked at Betsy.

"Did you see how handsome he was? He looks absolutely delicious."

"Marilyn! Are you that man crazy? I agree he looked really good. But so what? We don't even know him."

"That's easy enough to change. Let's go back and see if he can use some help."

Before Betsey could reply Marilyn started to reverse course. "Marilyn! What are you doing?"

"I'm going to be friendly and you're going to be friendly too. Now get up here."

They stopped in front of him as he looked up.

"Hey. We thought we would come back to see if you can use some help."

He looked up with a smile. It was difficult to see what he was looking at as they saw their reflections in the curved mirrors of his glasses. If he was looking them over closely it wasn't possible to tell. But Marilyn already knew the answer to that question. Of course he was.

"Thank you ladies. I appreciate the gesture. But I'm just about done." Then his deep voice offered. "Second flat of the day, a new record I hope not to exceed in the future."

"Oh. That is bad luck." Betsy replied with an earnest tone to her voice free adult cam

Marilyn had been studying his features as Betsy engaged him in conversation. The more she looked the more she liked. He was trim, his limbs tanned and well-muscled. He was obviously in excellent shape to be peddling a bike loaded like it was. That meant he had stamina. Marilyn felt her heart rate notch up as she considered what a man with those qualities could bring to bear. She pushed the thought away. She couldn't really be thinking what she was thinking. But she was. Then she heard herself ask.

"So where are you going? There's not much around here."

He had finished with the tire and stood up to grasp the forks of the bike as he bent down.

"I'm heading for Seven Lakes to camp for the weekend and work on my cicada research. I want to get my survey in before the Labor Day weekend. At least that was the plan I started out with. With all of the time I've lost I'm not sure I can make it before dark."

Marilyn looked at Betsey with a smile as if to signal her.

"Not likely. That's more than fifteen miles from here and it gets hilly the closer you get to the park. That means slow going on those steeper grades with all the gear you're carrying."

The girls watched his face as he considered what she said. He took his sunglasses off and looked at both of them. When Marilyn saw his face she took a deep breath. She darned not look to Betsey for her reaction. It would be too telling. Beautiful hazel eyes below nicely formed eyebrows complimented his longish brown hair and angular jaw. 'My god they shouldn't make men that look this good' Marilyn thought to herself.

"Guess I'll keep going as far as I can and see if I can find a place to camp for the night."

Marilyn felt herself warm as his eyes met hers for the second time. His smile drawing her in as she imagined his lips coming to hers. What a fantastic looking man. She was pretty sure what Betsy was thinking- Why let him go. See where it goes if he stays the night with us.

"There really isn't any good place to do that. Only farm fields and isolated woodlots. All of them posted. I doubt you would be able to find a good place to camp. We're camping on our own property not far from here and you could join us tonight if you wanted to."

I watched as he reattached the wheel to the forks as we talked and when he stood he pushed his sunglasses back into place and looked at us with a smile. He stood about five inches taller than both of us. I glanced to Betsey. It looked as if she was holding her breath.

"That's a very generous offer given you don't even know me. For all you know I'm a serial killer just looking to find two beautiful women to do them in."

Betsy looked at him with a grin. "What makes you think we aren't looking for an unsuspecting man to subdue and torture for a night?"

The girls watched as a wide grin crossed his face.

"I guess you have me there. Ok. I accept your offer. My name is Seth Summers."

"I'm Betsy and this is Marilyn. We are about a mile and half from the trail to our camp. It's in that large stand of trees." As she pointed towards the woods.

"We have to stop at the convenience store on the corner first. So follow us." Marilyn announced as they started to pedal off. Betsy gave Marilyn a puzzled look as she pedaled close to her.

"Why do we have to stop at the store avec gros culs

"I have to buy some condoms. I think we should be ready."

"Do you really think he would even consider having sex with both of us? I mean we think he's hot but maybe he has a girlfriend. He could even be gay."

"I don't know. But I'm going to be prepared just the same. I'm horny as hell and if I can get some satisfaction from a good looking man I'm going to. You know we could always ask him."

"Marilyn. You're kidding right?"

"No! Why not ask him? What do we have to lose? I mean it would avoid any misunderstandings."

"Tell you what. If he seems nice to be with after we spend some time with him we can... well, feel him out. If it works out he could stay another night and then we could see if he's willing. I don't want to scare him off."

"Oooh. Ok. I guess I see your point. I'll buy a package anyway just in case we hit it off tonight. He really is tempting."

Seth followed them into the store and went into the men's restroom. He came back out several minutes later and picked out several candy bars and joined them at the cash register. The girl behind the counter looked him over with an appreciative eye, took his money, and gave him his change with a smile.

"Thank you sir. Please come again."

"Thanks. See ya later!" as he turned to the girls. "I'll wait outside with the bikes while you finish getting what you want."

"I'll go with you." Betsy offered.

Marilyn smiled as she watched him walk away and felt her heart sing a happy song. Simply being mildly aroused by a real man felt good. "I'll be right there."

Jamie, the cashier, looked at her friends as she watched the door close behind him. Then Marilyn put the six pack of condoms on the counter and handed a bill to her with a broad smile on her face.

"Where did you find him? He's gorgeous. I'll go to fantasy land with him tonight."

"Just up the road about a mile. He had a flat tire and we stopped to help him." Marilyn replied.

Jamie picked up the condoms, found the price, punched the keys of the cash register, and then gave Marilyn her change with a mischievous smile.

"So you have plans for him?" She asked cautiously.

"Wouldn't you? I just want to be prepared." Marilyn replied as she stepped to the door to walk out.

Jamie called after her. "Some girls have all the luck."

She rejoined Betsy and Seth and they rode off together towards camp. Marilyn engaged with Seth, pointing out local landmarks as they rode. Betsy trailed along behind listening and watching his outline as he pedaled. She wondered what kind of man he was. After her last three boyfriends she had come to the conclusion that men were interested in sex first and everything else came after. Offer a man sex, and you would have enough time together to see where the relationship went, that was if he was after more than a one night stand.

Marilyn smiled broadly as she rode and talked with Seth. She had admitted to herself after her last breakup she was willing to forestall sex for a while, at least longer than she had before, to see if there was potential for something better. The strategy had not seemed to work particularly well as no good prospects had presented themselves. The pleasures of sex was something she surely enjoyed and missed, but she was ready for a longer term relationship with real substance if she could find it. The question had become- how long was she prepared to remain celibate.

Marilyn mused she and Betsey knew all of the men of marriageable age in the community, having gone to school with them or their siblings. Added to that was the fact there were few newcomers either. None of them were particularly attractive, through those that were most attractive to her were already spoken for. It seemed as if men were in short supply, though she knew they weren't. It just seemed there was not one for Betsey or herself.

Betsy had suggested weeks ago perhaps both of them were being too picky. Then they had scoffed at the idea. Now she wondered if picking up this man indicated they were now grasping at straws. Had it come down to picking a man up from along the road to take him for a test drive?


They arrived at the camp about twenty minutes later and placed their bikes near the shed. The large screened tent was already up and ready for use. Due to the heat they planned to sleep in it rather than share the bed in the shed. It offered more air movement than anything else and the advantage of keeping small animals and insects out, particularly mosquitoes, added to its attraction.

They took Seth on a quick tour of the pond, showing him where they bathed and swam in the warmer shallow waters. They returned to sit on the picnic table near the fire pit and talked so they got to know one another better. Seth was more than willing to relate his recent adventures on his bike and asked the girls many questions about the land the camp was on and about the community in general. All in all, Marilyn and Betsey found him interesting and worldly. A nice change of pace from the local men they grew up with. It was about an hour before it would be dark and Seth suggested he would like to bathe.

"Just go the pond. There's no place else. The water is clean and no one else is around."

"Ok. Best to get done before it gets too late. I'm sure with all of this standing vegetation there will be a few mosquitoes around."

"You can count on that. We'll go into the tent just about dark. There are chairs inside where we can talk without being eaten up."

"Ok. I'll be back in a little while."

I watched as Seth went to his bike and pulled a small canvas bag and large towel out of one of the saddle bags and headed towards the bathing area. Then turned with a smile.

Betsey looked at Marilyn. "Do you want to?"

"Why are you asking? Heck yes. Get the binoculars out. He is the best entertainment around."

Betsey retrieved the binoculars and they walked quietly to a gap in the vegetation that offered a clear view of the bathing area from near the tent. Once in place, Betsey raised the glasses and watched for a few gifs porno hentai

"Oh my god! What a beautiful set of buns. I could squeeze them for hours."

"Come on. Let me have a look."

Marilyn took the binoculars and after a minute put them down.

"Here take these back for a minute. I can't look any longer. I can't hold them still enough as my heart is beating so hard. I am so damn hot I'm almost panting."

Betsey stifled a laugh. "What? Can't handle a body that looks like that?"

"That's the problem. I want to try to handle a body like that. He is gorgeous. I'm ready to strip and dive in right next to him."

"Well. What do you say? Do we make a play on him or not?"

"Yes. What do we have to lose? We can just tell him we skinny dip all of the time."

"You mean we just walk down as if it is the most natural thing in the world and undress in front of him and wade in?"

"Do you have a better idea?"


"Then let's get going. I want him to see us before it gets too dark."

They picked up two beach towels and quickly headed to the other end of the pond. They talked loudly as they approached so Seth would know they were heading his way. When they reached the edge of the pond he was waist high in the water looking at them.

"Seth is the water warm enough?"

"Yes. It's fine unless you get too far out where it gets cold from the seep that feeds the pond."

"Good. We're coming in."

"Ladies I don't have anything on."

"That's ok. We aren't going to have anything on either."

Betsey removed her shorts and panties, then her halter top making sure she faced Seth all the while. Then she made sure to bend over to place her clothes in a neat pile so she could show her beautiful ass. She glanced over at Marilyn just as her halter top came off rendering herself completely nude. Then she looked over to Seth. He was watching in fascination.

Betsey slowly waded in as Marilyn followed slightly behind her. Then she dunked under the water when she was waist deep and came back up to lay on her back, floating easily, her breasts showing above the water like soft fleshy water wings. Marilyn not to be undone walked to within a few feet of Seth and smiled broadly.

"This feels absolutely wonderful don't you think? Do you like the view?"

"Which view would that be exactly." as he swung his head from one of then to the other.

Marilyn and Betsey swam as if they had not a care in the world and soon Seth took it in stride as he floated on his back or swam with them. They laughed and splashed water at each other as if they had known one another for years. It was just about dark when Seth slowly walked towards the sloping bank, left the water and picked up his towel, wrapping it around his waist. Then he turned after swatting a mosquito off his arm.

"We should probably get back before we get eaten alive. Shall I wait for you or head up by myself?"

"Wait. We're coming."

Both women walked to shore, slowly revealing their shapely wet bodies as they left the water. Seth watched as they walked casually up to their towels, wrapped them around their shoulders and picked up their clothes. They walked together to the tent and quickly went inside zipping it up as fast as they could.

What the girls didn't appreciate was the fact that sound travels easily across an open body of water in the cooler air near its surface. He had heard every single word they had spoken before they came to skinny dip with him. It had given him enough time to consider what he should do when they arrived. He had decided to be as casual as he could. He was happy his erection had not shown as he watched them reveal their curvaceous bodies to him. He was almost drooling as they entered the water. What beautiful women he thought, though Marilyn was most responsible for the quickening of his heart beat.


Once inside the tent the girls put on a fresh pair of panties and then used their beach towels to dry as much of their hair as they could, leaving their tops off so they were bare breasted until they donned their halter tops. Seth put a pair of briefs over his semi-erect penis. At least he was not at his maximum where he felt the need to cover himself as he dressed. He knew Marilyn and Betsey had watched him as he dressed without embarrassment. He marveled at their beauty and grew excited about the prospect of what the evening might hold for all of them. The temperature had cooled to about seventy five degrees making it comfortable for the time being. It would cool towards morning when there would be need for a least a sheet to be comfortable.

They switched on a single electric lamp hidden from direct view behind a large cooler. It cast enough light for them to see each other's faces as it grew dark. They talked and laughed. Seth wanted to know more about the land they were camping on. Saying he thought the large trees in the middle of section were among the largest he had observed anywhere in this part of the state. They learned he was an ecologist with the state and was based a little over an hour away.

Seth excused himself and headed for the outhouse.

Marilyn and Betsey looked at one another. Then Betsey whispered.

"What are we going to do?"

"I don't know. It would be awkward with the two of us going after him at the same time. You're the one that saw him first. What do you want to do?"

"I don't know. How horny are you?"

"Every bit as you are. That doesn't solve anything."

"Guess not. Do you want to suggest a three-some? I mean I've read about it in novels and it sounds interesting."

"No. I don't think I could relax enough to enjoy it. Sorry Betsey, but it really doesn't sound good to me."

"Ok. Since I saw him first and it's my decision I want you to be the one. But if he goes for you I'm going to pretend to be asleep. Will that work?"

"Are you sure."

"Marilyn I'm sure. This may be our only chance for at least one of us to take advantage of him. Not being able to agree on what to do will just spoil it."