Website builder's main page

From the task description and after asking a few questions about redesign purpose I understood that your aim is to have more organic traffic on the Website builder's main page. So I decided to use the mobile-first approach to make that page look as good as possible on mobile devices since almost every search engine now is mobile-first.

Here is what I have for the mobile screen (375px):

Mobile menu in the activated state

Short gif about first screen with video showing how easy it is to use the service from mobile device

Desktop version (1366px):

Version for large screen (1920px):

Same as mobile, there is short video about builder's basic capabilities on the main screen:

Content issues

To be honest I think there is too much text in some places. Especially in the templates section. I fully realize what SEO friendly means but in this case, it might not be user friendly.

As far as I know, user behavior affects page rankings a lot and I'm not sure a lot of users are going to read that much text about one template. Therefore if few users stop scrolling there to read, that may harm page ranking or won't affect it at all. So I don't see any reason to keep that many long texts on the builder's main page.
Not to rely only on my experience and perception I conducted a little research among similar services (in website builder department only). Having scanned the first few pages of Google search results, I haven't found any examples of that symbol count concentrated in one section. Of course, I don't know the exact queries and regions you are trying to reach with those texts, but still, short text pattern is evident. That's why I tried to hide these text lines. The best way, of course, is to rewrite them using 1-2 sentences each.


I was thinking about grouping the features section and adding more elements to it. Right now I can't see a clear structure in that part. In my opinion, the best thing to do is to group the features and name every group. For example here is just one of a few ways to group them: 3 lines, 3 groups and I've added 2 features that are worth mentioning (analytics and custom domain).

First line: "Pre-made everything"
Second line: "Easy and accessible"
Third line: "Every tool you need"

I see the following as possible features or sections to add to the builder's main page to increase user engagement.

  • "Built with Renderforest": list of a few of the best websites built using the website builder and accessible via custom domains.
  • SSL (if this feature is available right now)
  • Google PageSpeed Insights score for websites made with Renderforest or templates score.