September 4, 2019

Best Industrial Isolation Transformer Manufacturers in India

The usage of electrical devices has become an essential part of our lives and imagining our life without electrically running equipment is not imaginable. But do you ever think about how this electricity or power comes from the power station to our homes? This power transmission and distribution is taken care of the electrical transformers, the equipment that facilitates the power transformation, transmission that is suitable for the end usage purposes. And we should be thankful to the electrical transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, who are supplying the high-quality transformers that help in running the electrical world. Let’s discuss the trusted power transformer manufacturers and the best isolation transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad and details regarding the isolation transformer.

If we consider all the Isolation Transformer distributor in Hyderabad and there are only a few numbers of authorized and trusted manufacturers and one of the ideal and certified transformer manufacturing company-Vajra Transpower, who are engaged in supplying, and manufacturing the precision isolation transformers along with a wide range of other electrical equipment such as power and distribution transformers, servo voltage stabilizers, static voltage stabilizers, UPS systems, power savers, power conditioners, control panels and etc. Vajra Transpower is also one of the biggest distribution transformer manufacturers and industrial isolation transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad. Talking technically, an electrical transformer is a static device that transfers power from one specific voltage level to another by keeping the frequency constant. In isolation transformers of transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, consists of primary and secondary winding coupled through a common iron core.

An isolation transformer transfers the power from alternating current source to any other equipment or machinery. But the isolation transformer units of  distribution transformer manufacturers in Hyderabad, isolate the powered device from the actual main power source. So, the isolation transformers assure the best security to the electronic and electrical equipment by providing galvanic isolation. The industrial isolation transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad offers the best isolation transformers that protect the electrical equipment from any kind of electric shocks and short circuits.

Generally, the isolation transformers are available in various types and they are classified based on the winding arrangement and based on the type of alternating current. Based on the winding arrangement the transformer dealers in Hyderabad offer two kinds of transformers and they are step-up isolation transformers and step-down isolation transformers.

And according to the type of power supply, the transformers are divided into single-phase and three-phase isolation transformers. Vajra Transpower is the number one transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad offers an extensive collection of domestic and industrial transformers by maintaining all the safety standards along with the international quality standards. The only power transformer dealers in Hyderabad, that have a certified team of servo max trained engineers who are experts in the transformer and stabilizer industry. We also facilitate the users with the customized power management solution based on the client’s requirements and specifications.

Benefits of Isolation TransformersThey protect users from faulty devices.Facilitate accurate and safe voltage or power measurements.Separate one of an electrical system from another, physically.The isolation transformers can reduce any range of voltage spikes it is due to the rise time of current through an inductor in the transformer.The best isolation transformers of industrial isolation transformer manufacturer in Hyderabad, are mostly used in the electronic circuits like computers, televisions, solid-state relay circuits, and variable frequency drives.

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