Cleveron - Driverless Delivery Vehicle.

Cleveron 701.

Cleveron, parcel delivery robotics company, unveiled its new unmanned semi-autonomous last mile delivery vehicle, the Cleveron 701.

Designed for retailers and logistics companies looking to boost last mile delivery solutions and efficiencies, Cleveron 701 enables businesses to meet the growing demand for same-day delivery driven by the recent acceleration of e-commerce and rapidly changing retail landscape. Cleveron has piloted Cleveron 701 for the last 6 months in Estonia. The Company is scheduled to begin mass production in 2023.

Cleveron 701.

The Cleveron 701 can drive in low traffic areas, like suburbs to deliver within 15–30 min driving range of a retailer, fulfilment center or a dark store. Supervised remotely, it can deliver goods from a warehouse or store to nearby customers within an hour.

The driverless delivery solution also decreases labor cost since one tele-operator is able to supervise 10 vehicles at the same time.

Cleveron 701.

Cleveron 701 is also designed as an adaptable, semi-autonomous platform to which the operator can add suitable modifications for serving different delivery needs. For example, Cleveron 701 can be modified to operate as grocery delivery robot with temperature-controlled sections, a parcel delivery vehicle or even a high-tech coffee robot or an ice cream truck.

Cleveron 701 is a lightweight, electric vehicle with an option to use different rechargeable batteries. Max speed is up to 50 km/h. Load capacity is 200 kg.