Tiny Homes From Singapore.

Cube Two ( C2).

The tiny house movement took off after the financial crisis in 2008 when many young people decided to build affordable compact homes. Tiny homes are particularly popular in the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Cube Two ( C2) Home is 8.7m long, 3.4m wide and 3.1m tall. At 26sqm, it is slightly smaller than a one-room flat in Singapore. Yet it is fully ready for you to move into upon delivery.

It has a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and bar counter. Its furniture, which comes built-in and is included in its price, includes a range hood and sink in the kitchen; dining table and sofa in the living room; and a bed rack, wardrobe, and counter in the bedroom. The bathroom has a shower, towel rack, and basin.

The washing machine, refrigerator, air-con and stove are smart-home appliances that are all connected and controlled by Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistant Canny. Its AI features include light controls of different hues, automatic blind openers and digital locks.

If you thought the Cube Two ( C2) was made only for solitary living, think again. Designers of this small space have cleverly maximised every nook and cranny to accommodate a 3- to 4-member family.

Cube Two ( C2).

Nestron Building Company says the Cube Two increases usable space over a traditional house by 15%.

According to current trends, the highest demand for small homes come from the US, Canada, Japan, Australia and the EU region. Lately, demand is rising in Africa and Asia. More than 50% of the clients for Singapore tiny homes come from the US who place the tiny homes in all sorts of places – anywhere from farms to backyards – and the Cube Two ( C2) is very popular.