The Cat's Life In China.

“For the first time in my life, I entered the top three of Weibo hot searches. I never thought it was not because the Norwegian forest cat won the championship, but because of this ridiculous thing. ”

On the evening of August 20th, 2021 Ms. Liang, who runs a cattery (the cats breed house) in Shenzhen, appeared in social media. Ms. Liang possess a valuable male cat named "Little Coke” of the valuable Norwegian Forest breed. Little Coke’s father is a champion cat that has won countless awards. The breeding rights of Little Coke have been sold for USD 7700 (plus the price of the cat itself).

However, on August 11, Xiao Cola was mistakenly sterilized by the animal hospital, and now his breeding ability has been terminated, and his championship career has also been seriously affected. Ms. Liang said an apology from the hospital won’t be enough. The precious cat was sterilized by mistake.

Ms. Liang runs the cattery (the cat house) in Shenzhen, which specialize on breeding the rare British and Norwegian Forest cats. On the afternoon of August 11, 2021 she took two of her cats to Shenzhen Kate Fort Animal Hospital.

Ms. Liang told that when she saw the doctor, she instructed him that one blue-gold British Shorthair needs to be sterilized, the other Norwegian Forest cat called Xiao Cola needs to take an X-ray of the tail. She also deliberately pointed on the cats separately.

Ms. Liang originally planned to take Xiao Cola home after the cat had finished the examination, but the doctor said his schedule was too busy. The two cats had to stay in the hospital overnight, and Ms. Liang would pick up both again the next day. Because Ms. Liang had an important meeting in the afternoon, she agreed. However, at that time, the hospital did not have enough staff to register the entire paperwork properly and Ms. Liang did not sign the preoperative agreement plus other documents before she left.

The mobile phone chat records provided by Ms. Liang witness, the doctor asked the names of the two cats. Ms. Liang replied that the British Shorthair nickname was Big Head and the other cat was called Xiao Cola. Unfortunately, Ms. Liang found out from the voice and video sent by the doctor later on the same day that Xiao Cola had also been sterilized.

“I made a mistake" - Ms. Liang said about the contract on breeding rights for Xiao Cola at a price of USD 7700. Now this contract can no longer be fulfilled. She didn't expect the hospital to sterilize her two cats without her offline signature or online confirmation.


Xiao Cola's father was a multiple champion and has won the top honors of many competitions at home and abroad, such as the TOP CAT 2019 China and the 2019 WCF World Exhibition Double Master title.

The 6-month-old Xiao Cola is similar to his father, and was expected to have high achievements in the international and domestic arena, but all this changed because of this sterilization operation.

Ms. Liang did not agree on the compensation plan proposed by the hospital, which was USD 3090 in cash plus USD 2300 in hospital services.