Creating Reporting Models and Packages In Cognos

A model serves as an insulating layer between IBM® Cognos® BI reporting users and the database. Packages are model subsets that ensure users are provided with data appropriate for the reporting they need to do, and that the data is structured in ways that make sense from a business perspective.

Creating models and publishing packages are tasks that should be planned carefully. Models and packages that are well-designed from the start ensure that user requirements are met, data is secure, and your IBM Cognos BI application can be easily administered.To learn cognos classes visit:cognos online classes

To understand the modeling and packaging process, users can study the sample models, packages, and reports provided with IBM Cognos BI.

For IBM Cognos BI reporting, models and packages are created using Framework Manager. The following topics provide an overview. For more information, And components og cognos visit our bloglearn cognos online


Framework Manager is used to create a model that provides users with a single, integrated, business view of the database, and to provide IBM Cognos BI with information about how data is accessed, related, and secured.

A model that is designed to meet user requirements adds significant value to your data. It structures, adds to, and manages the data in ways that make sense to business users. Creating a model is an important task that should be planned and executed by a modeler or a modeling team familiar with both the database structure and the needs of your business users.

When you create a model, you

  • specify the metadata to import from data sources defined in the IBM Cognos BI content store
  • refine the metadata by adding business names, descriptions, multilingual values, calculations, filters, and other components
  • specify joins and relationships
  • organize the data for presentation in ways that make sense to business users and add value to your databases
  • add security to the metadata to determine who can use the metadata and for what purposes


After a model is created, packages are published to locations on the IBM Cognos BI server where report authors can use them to create reports. A different package, containing only the necessary information, can be published for each group of users.

Reports cannot contain data from more than one package. When publishing a package, it is important to ensure that the package contains all the data required to meet the needs of the intended users.

The hierarchical structure of a package controls the way in which folders, reports, and other data objects are structured in the interface used by the report author. It also controls how security is applied to the objects, and how easy it is to deploy the package to other environments. As a result, it is important to ensure that the structure of a package makes sense from the perspective of a business user, and not just from an administrative perspective.

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