What is the Android UI design?

The UI (User Interface) for an Android application under Android UI is a collection of different layouts and widgets. Here, the layouts are ViewGroup objects and the Widgets are View objects under Android UI. The Android UI helps to boost the interest and profits of the users. Moreover, it helps to build the business brand much stronger.
Android provides different pre-built UI components and UI controls that allow the user to build graphical UI for the applications.

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Android UI design examples
There are many Android UI design templates available in the market. These UI
designs make the applications much better to view. Android UI designs are the best sources for Android developers that help to design attractive applications for their users. There are many sources available for these designs on the internet. Moreover, we will discuss a few examples of Android UI design.

This is a popular photo-editing application. There are many photo editing
applications available but the Snapseed makes the difference by making it simple and attractive. The users can change the styles and lightning within the pictures to make them attractive. Moreover, it offers re-editing capabilities of already saved images.

Eye in sky weather
The Eye in Sky weather is a popular weather application that includes various
themes and basic features of a weather application. This application also includes many weather icon sets where the user can add it personally. There is the availability of customization also in this application. Moreover, it offers weather predictions which can easily available through the applications.

This is considered as the best project management tool. It helps to reduce the
communication error between the users and its design pattern helps to complete work faster. This Android UI design is the best user experience example. It doesn’t include many functions that make it cumbersome to use. Its Interface design is very attractive and user-friendly which makes it very popular. Moreover, it is easy to understand and the various applications available on the home screen are only for best use.
Pinterest is also one of the best Android UI design applications. It’s a popular
social media application. With a simple sign-up process, the application offers to display full-scale images. Moreover, its user interface keeps the images along with the content to be in the center of the screen.

Slack is one of the Android UI design tools. It's simple and powerful design helps many professionals to use it well. This is useful while planning an event, working on any project, or dealing with a bunch of emails. This is specially built for desktop versions rather than for mobile devices. Moreover, the developing team is trying to update things regularly keeping the menu list feed useful.
It’s a language learning provider that teaches how to learn and speak different
languages. It uses small games and courses to make it possible for the users to
use it well. Due to the simplicity of the application, it reached many people in the world and still updating with the latest trends. Furthermore, it is one of the best examples of Android UI design.
This is also an effective mobile-friendly Android UI design. It uses a basic black and white design pattern and handles a safe messaging service. This application is useful for safe and encrypted message exchange. Moreover, it consists of individual messaging as well as group messaging service capability. Here, the sender of the image, video, or any message can control it from going long.
This is one of the best travel applications among Android UI design applications. This makes it easy to plan for travel anywhere. With its many insights like user experiences, reviews, etc makes it best. The user also gets a reminder of his traveling regarding the place of travel, traveler’s reviews about the place, etc.
Moreover, it offers various destination plans relating to accommodation, stay,

Android UI design tool
There are many Android UI design tools available in the market. These tools help professionals to make them useful to develop the best applications. These are as follows.
Android Developers

This is the official comprehensive Android material design guide. This platform uses the best UI design concept that offers complex mobile applications design guide. This guide includes various icons, styles, sports tools, layouts, and components. Moreover, it offers the latest standards of Android interface designs and patterns. Its goal is to create visual languages for the users that include various design patterns.
This is a lightweight, easy to use Android UI design for various applications. This tool makes the UI design simpler. The tool helps to simplify the features of the best photo editing tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Moreover, it helps to install various plugins that compensate for various features. This is the most useful practical tool for Android application design.
This a very easy to use collaboration tool for Android UI designing. It supports the modification of various rules and helps in converting programming languages
between swift and object. Moreover, the Android UI designers can save precious time for designing the apps and the costs associated with it using this tool.
Progress wheel
It’s a rolling process bar that helps to replace native Android type by displaying the progress of any process.

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