Aviation Lubricant: A Critical Component for Maintaining Airworthiness

Aviation lubricant are used to lower the friction in an aviation engine. Major function of lubrication is to clean, cool, and seal to prevent corrosion and overheating. Airplanes which are used irregularly, highly needs corrosion and rust protection which is provided by the aviation lubricants. Aviation lubricant market is growing due to development in the military and civil aviation fleets, and increase in the usage of aircrafts. It requires lubricants to increase the efficiency and consumes less oil. These are the factors are accountable to boost the aviation lubricant market.

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Leading Key Players:

· The Chemours Company

· Total S.A.

· Exxon Mobil Corporation

· Nye Lubricants, Inc.

· Eastman Chemical Company

· Phillips 66 Company

· Royal Dutch Shell Plc

· Park Electrochemical Corp.

· Zodiac Aerospace

· Crane Aerospace