What Everyone Ought To Know About Aircraft Environmental Control System

There is significant growth in the commercial aviation industry in the past decade. The airlines in the developed, as well as developing nations, are ordering increased number of aircraft to meet the constantly rising air travel demand. Owing to the continuously growing disposable income among the population in developing and developed regions across the globe, the need for air travel is also increasing at a similar pace. The commercial air traffic is anticipated to maintain a constant growth rate over the years, despite different challenges such as rising aviation fuel costs, technical faults causing accidents and others. However, the barriers are succeeded by the increase in the number of passengers and thus, the number of aircraft across the globe.

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Leading Key Players:

· Safran SA

· Fimac SPA

· Honeywell International Inc.

· Jormac Aerospace

· Leibherr International AG

· Mecaer Aviation

· Meggit Plc

· Omni Aerospace Inc.

· PBS Group

· Triumph Group