January 8, 2021

Kickboxing has been around since the 80's and is growing rapidly in popularity worldwide.

Kickboxing has been around since the 80's and is growing rapidly in popularity worldwide.  It is gaining popularity in North America for its emphasis on conditioning and stamina while focusing on cardio-vascular activities. Kickboxing styles have been vastly different throughout time and there are numerous sub-genres such as Muay Thai Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Russian Sambo, and others. Some of the more popular kickboxing styles include:Thai Boxing Thai kickboxing (also known as Muay Thai) is a hybrid martial art originating in Thailand that focuses on kicking, punching and knees.โปรแกรม มวย ล่วงหน้า Thai kickboxing has grown in popularity in North America, Australia and Europe and there are extensive kickboxing camps and classes. The techniques are similar to other striking sports such as karate and Ultimate Fighting but there are many differences. Most Thai kick boxers use a wide base to deliver high impact knee strikes and elbows. This makes it easier to avoid being taken down and able to take an opponent down. Many Thai fighters will also rely heavily on their elbows, knees and feet in combination with their hands to stay in striking range.Dutch Style Low Kicks A unique style of kickboxing that uses both the hands and feet. This type of kickboxing was developed in the Netherlands and is similar to Boxe Franca, but involves using lower kicks than in Brazilian kickboxing. It evolved as a way to counter appercut strike and uses the entire body as well as the legs to deliver the punches. This style of kickboxing has been around for a long time and is starting to come back into kickboxing tournaments.Grappling This is a martial arts style where the person being punched tries to keep their head down to avoid getting hit or taken down. When punches are delivered, the legs are used as legs are considered to be part of the body when dealing with punching in this martial arts form. This helps to create more power in the strike and is one of the primary focuses of kick boxing. Blows delivered with this martial arts style can be brutal and are designed to damage the opponents or even cause them to become unconscious.Martial Arts Tricks The various martial arts tricks used in kick boxing include but are not limited to the uppercut, the roundhouse kick, and the temple kick. These are all designed to either disable the opponent or cause them to get knocked out cold. All punches in kick boxing are delivered by using momentum to deliver a swift blow. Many punches will use the opponent's energy to assist in the delivery of the blow.Combat Focus A very important aspect of Thai Boxing is the fight focus. A fighter will need to focus all of their energy on one opponent when preparing for a match. This is because there are multiple attackers who can attack at the same time. Focus is the key to success when it comes to fighting and winning a combat. Learning proper foot movement is just as important as what techniques you use in the actual fighting itself.