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Existence of Data Science

Here I am going to say why has Data Science come into existence. Basically in today's world there is a rise in the amount of data in huge volume. The traditional methods like DBMS(Database Management System)have started to fail in a number of cases we have seen in today's world like server failure,server crashing etc so to cater this need Data Science has come into existence. The existence started long back in 1960. But due to lack of technology and powerful computers it was very difficult for the evolution of Data Science. But today in the 21st century with the advancement in technology(Powerful GPU,Supercomputers etc)Data Science has progressed a lot. Due to this vast inference, new age learners and working professionals are keen...

Data Science in 21st Century

The word data science itself makes us understand what data science means. It is related to big data. There are many learning concepts and tools such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, algorithms in data science. Machine learning is the heart of data science. Data Science is one of the top trending technology of the era and data science has stretched its roots deep down in the corporate industry. Due to this vast inference, new age learners and working professionals are keen to learn this technology. To curb this, various online data science courses are available through which one can master data science and begin career as a data scientist. Data science is a broad career path and is undergoing developments and thus promises...

Hadoop - Need of The Hour

Our Big Data Hadoop expert master’s course lets you gain proficiency in Big Data Hadoop. You will work on real-world projects in Hadoop. Big data and Hadoop are technologies used to handle large amounts of data. Big data consist of structured and unstructured data that cannot be stored and processed by traditional storage techniques. Big data means a huge amount of data. Hadoop is a tool that is used to handle Big Data. Hadoop is a software framework for storing information and processing applications. It provides huge storage for any kind of data. Hadoop provides high processing power and the capability to handle and control virtually limitless concurrent tasks or jobs. The framework is written completely in Java, one of the most...