The replica Longines watches, marked by the flying wing hourglass, are known for their elegance

1. Movement structure, Longines Swiss replica watch movement size (12*1/2 reams), Longines movement maximum diameter 28.50mm Structure diagram of Longines movement. The assembly diameter is 28.0Omm and the thickness is 4.0mm. 2. Transmission structure form, Longines transmission structure is a center direct transmission double three wheel structure, the center wheel is under the barrel wheel, the double three wheel structure is actually similar to the second spring type structure, but the second wheel component is removed from the center , And only the second tooth axis remains in the center. In order to prevent the second hand from shaking, it is best to avoid pressing or holding the second tooth shaft with the second spring. The Longines waterproof watch 6952 movement adopts a double-three-wheel structure to overcome the shaking of the second hand.

The so-called double-three wheels are actually three-wheel parts composed of multiple parts. The three-wheel plate 3 and the three-tooth shaft 5 are mutually matched and can rotate between each other; the three-wheel plate 2 is pressed against the three-tooth shaft, and the two-three-wheel plate is composed of The spacers 1 are separated and do not affect each other in the transmission rolex replica , and the power of the barrel assembly is transmitted to the three-wheel components through the two-wheel components. The movable three-wheel plate is engaged with the four-tooth shaft and the second-tooth shaft at the same time; while the fixed three-wheeled plate is only engaged with the second-tooth shaft. Since the gears are clamped to each other, the torque is actually transmitted to the four-wheel parts through the fixed three-wheel plate, the second gear shaft, and the movable three-wheel plate. The stable vibration time generated by the balance spring part is transmitted to the second gear shaft through the escapement mechanism, the four-wheel part and the movable three-wheel piece to indicate the second. The two three-wheel discs engage the second gear shaft and engage at the same time, so the second hand will not shake.

3. Balance spring structure, the vibration frequency of the movement is 28,800 times/hour, and the diameter of the balance wheel is small, about 9.6 mm. Use movable outer pile ring. A fine adjustment device is arranged on the outer pile ring 1 and is composed of a fine adjustment piece and a fine adjustment screw. When in use, just use a screwdriver to turn the fine-tuning screw, and the fine-tuning screw drives the fine-tuning piece. Relying on the axial tightening friction torque between the fine-tuning piece and the fast and slow needle parts, the fast and slow needle parts make a small amount of rotation around the shock absorber, increasing and shortening the effective length of the hairspring , So as to fine-tune the speed of the fake watches. The hairspring inner pile is a triangle inner pile, **spring. The outer pile is different from the traditional structure. The outer pile screw 5375 and the outer pile piece 376 are used to clamp the outer end of the hairspring to overcome the defects of weak glue and falling off due to the ageing of the glue. Brand characteristics Elegance is the basic value of Longines. The brand is based on the aesthetic tradition that has been inherited and innovated for a long time. The exquisite balance between exquisite and classic design is reflected in each piece, thus creating a timeless elegance. The inspiration of each watch is closely related to the rich history of the Longines family, highlighting the elegant style and scientific and bold technical innovation. As a global brand, since its inception, Longines has always followed its inherent traditional values ​​and faithfully fulfilled the firm commitment of outstanding watchmakers in more than 130 countries.