Lesson 22. Adjectives of having (-full) and lacking (-less).



Task 1.

Task 2. Fill in the gaps with -ful/-less adjectives

Watching and discussing

  1. Why do you think body language is important?
  2. How do you use body language in your daily life?
  3. How does body language help you to communicate?
  4. How does your native culture use body language? What kind of body language do you use at school?
  5. What actions are threatening?
  6. What actions are friendly?
  7. What actions are not allowed?
  8. Do you try to use body language when you communicate in English?


Task 1.

Task 2. Form new adjectives from the adjectives below using the new suffixes -ful and -less (some of them are possible to be used in both variants).

help, peace, delight, forget, pain, fear, care, colour, sleep, hope, power, count.