Lesson 16. Phrasal verbs (to make).

Task 1. Fill in the correct phrasal verbs

  1. She is a very strange girl, I can’t make her….
  2. I don’t like it when young girls make themselves ….
  3. Do you know what wonderful poem Ted had made… for Christmas?
  4. Please, make it… with your brother. You both look unhappy.
  5. I don’t believe you. You’ve made it all… .
  6. Let’s make him … as a pirate, dress him in a pirate costume.

Task 2. Choose the correct phrasal verbs to fill in the gaps.

  1. Я ___ свою дипломную работу из материалов курсовой.
  2. Железная дорога ___ поселок в шумный город.
  3. Я должен ___ соседям за потоп.
  4. Ник опять опоздал. Какую причину он __ на сей раз?
  5. Врач ___ мне счет на 800$!
  6. Давай ___ и забудем об этом печальном недоразумении?
  7. Мы ___ гараж в домик для гостей.
  8. Я не могу ___, что написано на этикетке.
  9. Я уже __ телефону, но звонки прекратились.

Phrasal Mix!

  1. Take … your tracksuit and put it in the washing machine. (remove clothes)
  2. Jane has difficulty in getting her ideas … . (communicating)
  3. The thief made … the painting without knowing it wasn’t the real one.
  4. The children immediately took … their new tennis instructor. (liked)
  5. I’ll make … not doing my chores this week, I promise.
  6. Do you get … with your parents? (have a good relationship)
  7. The sooner we start writing the report, the sooner we get it … . (finish)
  8. This rainy weather gets me … . (make somebody sad)
  9. Alice hasn’t been able to get … the fact that she failed her exams. (recover from)
  10. Paul should write children’s books, he’s always making … stories for his kids.
  11. Your handwriting is terrible. I can’t make … what it says.
  12. Homework takes … most of my time on weekends. (fills time)
  13. Danny is very active; I think he takes … his mum. (to be like)
  14. What do you make … your new neighbours?
  15. Since you have so much free time, why don’t you take … tennis? (begin smth as a hobby)
  16. What time did the plane take … ? (leave the ground)

Watching and discussing


Watching and revising



Task 1. Fill in the correct particles.

  1. Have you made *** with Patty yet?
  2. Oh come on! Why don’t you just kiss and make ***?
  3. I couldn’t make it *** at all…
  4. He could just make *** a dark shape moving towards him.
  5. I couldn’t make *** what he was saying.
  6. Thieves broke into the school and made *** with computer equipment worth 40,000.
  7. The burglars made *** before the police arrived.
  8. They broke free and made *** in a stolen car.
  9. They made *** an excuse for being late.
  10. The men made *** as the police arrived.
  11. The getaway car made *** towards Horrocks Avenue.
  12. I think it’s time we made *** home.
  13. The numbers are too small – I can’t make them *** at all.
  14. I can’t make *** your writing.
  15. She’s a strange person – I can’t make her *** at all.
  16. Nobody can make *** why you should have been attacked.
  17. The child wanted him to make a story *** about dragons and knights on horseback.
  18. They kissed and made ***, as usual, and so everyone relaxed.
  19. It is hard to make *** the criteria the judges always use.
  20. We often quarrel but we always make it *** (with each other) soon after.
  21. Nancy wasn’t sure what to make *** Mick’s apology.
  22. They made my face *** to look like a clown.
  23. She made *** a check and handed it to me.
  24. She takes forever to make *** in the morning.