July 20, 2020

Lesson 9. Review. Miscellaneous

Test yourself!


Reading comprehension


When we go and watch a movie in the cinema, we see real people moving and talking on a big screen in front of us. But how are movies filmed and shown to us? In actual fact, movies do not really `move' like we think they do. It is our eyes that play tricks on us and make the movies look as if they are moving.

A movie is filmed using a camera which takes pictures at a very fast speed. The camera can take 24 pictures in one second! If it is taking pictures of somebody walking, the pictures will show the different movements of the person in that one second. Since the pictures are taken so quickly, the difference between each picture is very slight.

The pictures are developed into long strips of film which are then shown, using a film projector. As we watch, 24 pictures flash before our eyes every second. The pictures go by so fast that we cannot see each one by itself. What we see is just one picture that seems to move. Our eyes play a part by blending the pictures with each other.

The same method applies to cartoons. In a cartoon, instead of taking pictures of real people, the camera takes pictures of drawings. Many drawings have to be made just to show a simple action. Each drawing is again made only slightly different from the others. The drawings are then photographed orderly. When everything is complete and the cartoon is shown, it also looks as though the characters are really moving.

1. What do we often think we see in the cinema ?

(A)Photographs of people (B)People moving in a picture

(C)A big screen (D)Camera tricks

2.If a person is acting in a movie, he ______.

(A)has to move in slow motion (B)has to move on a big screen

(C)gets many pictures of him taken (D)moves 24 times in one second

3.What is the difference between each of the 24 pictures ?

(A)Very rough (B)Very small

(C)Very large (D)Very unusual

4.What do our eyes do when we watch a movie ?

(A)They join many pictures into one. (B)They move with the pictures.

(C)They mix the pictures up. (D)They take pictures of the movie.

5.To film a cartoon, ______ have to be photographed.

(A)people (B)actions (C)drawings (D)characters


1. Would you like to work in the movie industry?

2. Which movie would you like to film in?

3.What’s the best movie you’ve ever seen?

4.Do you prefer watching movies at the cinema or on TV?

5.Which country makes the best movies?

6.What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen?

7.What things make a great movie a great movie?


Task 1.

Task 2.

Fill in me, you, him, her, it, us, you and them.

1. My friend Tom lives in London. This is a parcel from ... .
2. I'm sorry, I can't tell ... what happened.
3. The children are hungry. Give ... an apple.
4. We are thirsty. Can you give ... some juice?
5. Jack is in the garden. Bring ... his football.
6. Ann and Paul can't do their homework. Can you help ... ?
7. I can't help ... tomorrow. I must visit my aunt.
8. These clothes are for poor children. Can you bring ... to the Red Cross?
9. This cake is for Carol and me. Please give ... to ... .
10. The roses are for mother. Please give ... to ... .
11. Where is father? Can you tell ... where he is?
12. Where is the mouse? I can't see ... .
13. Where is the post office? Can you tell ... where it is?
14. What's your telephone number? I don't know ... .
15. Our brother is very nice. He always helps ... with the homework.