August 6, 2020

Lesson 10. Clauses of contrast and purpose & reason.

Check yourself


Task 1. Rephrase the sentences given below using the correct clauses

Watching, reading and discussing

The Boring company`s success

Elon Musk’s Boring Company has finished excavating the second of two tunnels planned for the Las Vegas Convention Center’s underground loop transit system, according to The Verge. The city’s Convention Center (the LVCC) enlisted the company last year to develop the mile-long system, which could cost up to $52.5 million and is slated for completion in January 2021. It’ll be the Boring Company’s first foray into commercial transit.

The project — officially called the Convention Center Loop — will ferry people around underneath the venue via Tesla’s autonomous electric vehicles. It’s designed to move more than 4,000 people per hour across the facility, turning what is at least a 15-minute walk into a quick hop of less than two minutes. A future expansion linking the Strip, McCarran International Airport and Las Vegas Stadium is also on the cards, although a roadmap for that is yet to be announced.

Now the two tunnels are completed — the first was finished back in FebruaryThe Verge reports that the company will start working on above-ground passenger stations at either end of the tunnels, plus a third underground station in the middle of the loop. Assuming all goes to plan — both with the Boring Company’s progress and with the wider challenge of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic — the system should be open in time for the next Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January next year, bringing welcome relief to worn out convention-goers that usually spend hours traversing the center on foot.

Discussion questions

  1. Have you ever heard of the Boring Company before?
  2. Do you think the project of the underground loop transportation system will be succesful?
  3. Would you like to have this kind of underground vehicle in your country?
  4. How safe is it to bore at a mountainous terrain?
  5. Would you like to join the project?
  6. Do you think Elon Mask is the modern Thomas Eddison? Why?
  7. In your opinion, would the US government help Elon to spread the vehicle all around the US? And what about all over the world?


Task 1. Complete the sentences using the clause of contrast.

Task 2. Complete the tasks 1-2