History of American Football

Association football, commonly referred to as football, is a competitive sport played between two teams of eleven players each. It is also played internationally, by about 250 million players in morepptv บอลสด than 200 nations and dependencies. The game is the most watched sport in the entire world, with TV coverage estimated at more than one hundred and forty million viewers per week. In the United States, professional football has become the most lucrative professional sport in the country, earning about $2 billion a year.The game of football is divided into two sections; the English and American football, the latter being played in a neutral stadium with a touch-screen television monitor at the opposite end of the playing pitch from where the action can be followed on the television monitor. The field of play in American football is usually a rectangular area measured roughly half a football field (about 130 yards long, or about 500 meters) and half a football field (about 150 yards long, or about 500 meters) played on grass. In England, the rectangular area is square, but the grass used is not quite the same and is used in different colors, as well as a longer football field. Because of the size and shape of the playing field, a greater number of players can be included in an average game; about twenty-two to twenty-five people for each team.As in association football, a typical game of association football consists of two fifteen-minute halves. The first half includes three minutes of regulation time, during which play can be completed but notonducted. The second half includes four minutes of stoppage time, at which time play can again begin but no further stoppages may be made. The match results are determined by a simple round robin pattern, with the winning team being the team that scores the most points after the second half. The game is normally played at the official football training academies or training grounds of the association football league.The top division in English football is the English Premier League, or EPL, also known as the English Football League or EFL. This league is the most competitive league in England, with only three teams playing in the playoffs. One of those teams is the champions of the EPL, who earn the title every year. The other team wins the lower division and is relegated to the next season's league. There are two types of soccer competitions in the EPL, the "iminary cup" and the" knockout round."Another popular type of football in America is the National Team Football Association, or NFL, also known as the NFL. The games are played among the thirty NFL teams, which are split up into three conferences. The first division of the NFL is the Eastern Conference, which includes the four teams that play in the league's Eastern Division. The other four conferences are the Central Division, Western Conference, and the Presidents' Trophy.American football has a long history, going back over a century to the very beginning of the professional game. It has evolved over the years to what it is today, a very popular spectator sport in the United States and around the world. It has produced some of the finest players in the history of the game and continues to provide fans and players with great entertainment and thrills.