5 SEO tips for your online shopping website

Do you have a webshop where you sell your products online? Then of course you want it to be found in Google! Search Engine Optimization (SEO), in India 'search engine optimization', is extremely important for this! It is an ongoing process that is essential for both "normal" websites and web shops. By making your web shop easy to find, you ensure that your target group can find your website and therefore your products better. That way you attract potential customers and you increase your turnover. Moreover, SEO has the advantage that it is sustainable compared to other marketing channels; with social media you must continue to post in order to remain under the attention of your target group. And when you advertise, you also have to free up a budget for the advertisements in addition to your own energy. Will you stop this budget? Then the effect is immediately zero. Enough reasons to get started immediately with the SEO for your webshop.

Below are 5 important points that you should take into account when SEO for web shops.

1. Use unique content

This may sound like an open door, but do you use unique content for all your products? If you resell products from another supplier, you will often receive product descriptions. It may then be obvious to use these texts on your own website. However, this way you run the risk of creating duplicate content. Duplicate content is content that comes back one to one on different websites. This can therefore be the case when the supplier's product text appears on the supplier's website and on your website. There is a good chance that competitors will do the same. The same content is returned to different webshops in this way and this can be seen as duplicate content. Google can give the websites concerned negative points for this.So make sure that you become distinctive! You can use the supplied texts as a starting point, but give it your own twist and rewrite them in the style that fits your branding and appearance. In this way you make the texts unique and they also connect better with your specific target group! Click here to visit SEO companies in udaipur.

In addition to external duplicate content, there may also be internal duplicate content. This is when identical text returns to different places within your website. For example: do you sell a number of products from the same brand in your web store? And do you place the same text about this brand with all these products? Then you must ensure that this is not seen as duplicate content! A few lines of the same text, for example your USPs, can't hurt. But if two completely the same paragraphs appear on every product page, this is too much. Google reasons that this has little or no added value for the visitor and will therefore not be enthusiastic about this. There is even a chance that you will also get negatives for this!How can you solve this? Try to place generic information on the category or brand pages and try to keep the information on the product page as specific and therefore unique as possible!

2. Unique titles and descriptions per product

Another important point to take into account when optimizing your web shop for search engines is the fact that you have to give each page a unique title. This is called the title tag. This title is the first thing that people see when they search for one of your products on Google or another search engine. This title must relate to the content of the page and must be unique per page. Use the product name anyway!The title tag goes hand in hand with the meta description. This description is shown when Google shows your product page to people who place a search query. You have 160 characters to give a short description of the page; something that is very useful when you sell products in a web store. State the name of the product that you are selling, give a brief description of the product characteristics and ensure that people become interested in the product. Make both the title tag and the meta description unique for each product page.

Example of the title tag and meta description for a Live With Leather product

 3. Optimize images

Every webshop uses product images. This allows potential customers to see exactly what they are going to order and what the product they had in mind looks like. The use of images is also important for search engines. And especially how you use these images. The most important thing to take into account when optimizing images in the context of SEO, the images must all have an 'Alt Tag'. With this, a search engine recognizes what is on the image. That can be useful, especially when you enter the product name there. If the description is sufficiently clear, there is even the chance that your image will be included in the Google image gallery.

A search on a certain product then immediately yields a visual representation under images.So give each image a unique Alt Tag and incorporate the product name. Do you have multiple images with your product? Here too it is important that every Alt Tag is unique and that you are creative with mentioning the product name or other related information.

4. Go social!

Share your products on social media! Nowadays this is perhaps an open door; There are many companies that are active on a daily basis, for example on Facebook and Instagram. This is very good for coming into direct contact with your target group. With your posts you tell your target audience about your company and about your products. But did you know that sharing your webshop is also important for SEO? One of the ranking factors is Social Share; your level of activity on social also has an influence on the findability of your website. This applies in particular to your activities on Facebook. Every time you or someone else shares a URL of your webshop on social, this is recognized. It is important that you pay attention each time to which url you will share.

Do you mainly share your homepage from your website? Make sure that you also regularly share the URL of specific products! In this way, these product pages also receive a boost through social shares.Another social media channel to consider for SEO for web shops is Pinterest. Pinterest is an ideal channel if you sell products. You can create your own company account here and on the so-called 'boards' of Pinterest, you show your most beautiful images of your products! People who browse Pinterest can then come across your products and become potential buyers. You will also receive a backlink to your domain via your Pinterest account. This is important for SEO because this is how you  work on your link building and increase the overall value of your domain.

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5. Host your webshop in the country of sale

Hosting in your own country means that the servers on which your webshop is installed are physically located in the Netherlands. In the first instance this does not seem important: as long as a web store is on a stable server, should it be good right? The opposite is true. Google and other search engines value the physical server location of the webshop. Do you mainly serve an audience in the Netherlands with your shop? Then it is advisable to also place the servers that you are running on here.

In that case, search engines will show your webshop higher in their search results than if, for example, your servers are located in America. So keep this in mind from an SEO perspective when choosing your hosting provider.In addition to comparing the functional specifications of hosting, a personal preference is also important. I have worked with a large number of hosting parties myself. I am very satisfied with the quality of their services including their customer service! And of course their servers are in India!