About me

Hi!   Together with the purchase of the very first MacBook Pro, I gave up using my desktop computer, and the notebook has followed me anywhere ever since. My observation is that social technology is at the forefront of Mac malware proliferation, likely because it is easier to manipulate people than to bypass an adequate operating system security. 

How can attackers crack your data using Adobe Flash Player .Adobe Flash Player updates pop up again? Whether you're a Microsoft or even MacO user, I'm sure that you've encountered this problem. Updates are typical components in the life cycle of virtually any application. Technology is evolving, and software vendors must keep pace with progress. Moreover, new variants that are being implemented supply fixes for recently discovered vulnerabilities and protect users from the most recent attack vectors. However, cybercriminals have been able to completely change the Adobe Flash Player upgrade virus, a malicious browser plugin that simplifies the Mac as part of complex software installations. Bundled with legal totally free apps, the infection can invisibly permeate your computer. In a gigantic wave of malicious advertisements, cyber-rooks distributed malicious system utilities in the guise of upgrading Adobe Flash Player. Read more in https://retinamacapps.com/  to learn how to make your internet surfing safer and not get captured by scammers.

My posts are mainly about engineering, cryptology, protection, gadgets, gear, watches and the net. Having spent years of my own education for a developer, I changed my career and became an entrepreneur and writer. You could read my roles in The New York Times, Notebook, PC Update, Surge, etc., and I also wrote a novel, Black Recruitment: Losers, Criminals and Crooks in the Online Era.