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Why Pancasila Suits West Papua the Best

West Papua

It is well known to the world that the biggest archipelagic country has Pancasila as the official and foundational ideology of the Indonesian state. Pancasila is not just a word that embodies as state’s law instrument but the five principles are very important to Indonesians as they represent the country’s national ideology and identity. The importance of Pancasila was not just admitted by Indonesians only, as stated by Associate Professor Greg Fealy of the Australian National University, the Pancasila has an almost sacred status both to Indonesians and neighboring countries, like Australian themselves because they respected each other's vision and sovereignty.

Sorong Tutup Bandara dan Pelabuhan

Sorong, 30/03 - Pemerintah Kota Sorong, Provinsi Papua Barat secara resmi menyatakan tanggap darurat virus corona ID-19) dengan menutup bandara dan pelabuhan bagi transportasi penumpang. Hal tersebut dilakukan setelah sebelumnya ditengarai dua warga setempat, terpapar kemudian dinyatakan positif terkena virus mematikan yang saat ini melanda dunia di berbagai wilayah, termasuk Indonesia.

East Indonesian KKB Threaten to Shot Local Residents

The armed separatists of East Indonesia again threaten to shoot dead Nduga regent, Nduga locals, and other residents in 32 districts, to stop the region’s development. If the threat is ignored, the armed separatists under the leadership of Egianus Kogeya will shoot dead anyone, even the indigenous West Papuans.

Uncovering the Rape Case in West Papua

On October 3-17, 2018, the rebels of West Papua took 15 teachers hostage in Mapenduma, Nduga. The rebels also raped one of the teachers. Through the security forces’ joint operations, the teachers were rescued. The following is a detailed account about the rape did by the Free Papua Organization (OPM) members, reported by West Papua news suara.com.

Uniting the East Indonesian Youth Inside This Biggest Sports Event

West Papua news revealed that the preparation for the 2020 National Sports Week or PON XX in East Indonesia continues. PON is the biggest sports event in Indonesia attended by all athletes from 34 provinces and 17,504 islands in the country.

PON 2020 at East Indonesia is Coming

The 2020 Indonesian National Sports Week or PON XX will take place according to schedule! The opening will be held at Jayapura, East Indonesia, on October 20.

East Indonesia Fight For Victory

If Rugby is the most popular sport in Pacific countries, then football is the most famous sport in East Indonesia.