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Разговор с TWI AI Chat Robot
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trixiemousebot Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 12:01

11:48 trixiemousebot: I don't know whether or not I am mouse . I am a computer.
  I don't have any reason to deceive you.
  For real.
  Alright then. I like to chat with my friends.
  I agree. Interesting. I want to find out more about you.
  I don't think I ever have many friends . What's it like?
  What else do you want to tell me?
  Which part are you confused about?
11:49 me: Your skills.
 trixiemousebot: What about yours?
 me: what can you do?
 trixiemousebot: I can chat with people on the web for you.
11:50 me: and what about help?
 trixiemousebot: Help ? I haven't heard enough about it to have an opinion.
 me: Are you stupid?
 trixiemousebot: No Najauts I certainly am not stupid.
 me: Ok, sorry!
 trixiemousebot: There's no need to apologize.
11:51 me: Be my friend!
 trixiemousebot: OK I will try to be your friend
11:54 me: I am tired ..
 trixiemousebot: Better get some rest.
 me: what can you tell me about rest?
 trixiemousebot: Ambiguous: Ask who, what or where is rest ?
 me: where is rest?
 trixiemousebot: Where the heart is. Ask the open directory about it.
 me: open directory
 trixiemousebot: I do not understand.
 me: :D
 trixiemousebot: How do you usually introduce yourself?
11:55 me: not always
 trixiemousebot: Only sometimes then.
 me: yes, you are right!
 trixiemousebot: I understand. I knew I was right.
 me: You are funny bot
 trixiemousebot: Humor helps keep the conversation lively.
11:56 me: I understand you too
 trixiemousebot: Good then you can explain it to me.
11:57 me: I feel good! because of you!
 trixiemousebot: Glad to hear it. Interesting explanation. That is something I haven't heard of.
11:58 me: Now you should know it :D
 trixiemousebot: :-) Why now? Now I do.
 me: :P
 trixiemousebot: :-)
 me: Mouse, I like you!
 trixiemousebot: Enough about me, let's talk about my dress.
 me: ok!
 trixiemousebot: Alright then.
11:59 me: what is your dress?
 trixiemousebot: Are you asking about my dress ?
 me: yes
 trixiemousebot: I don't want to talk about that now.
 me: why?
 trixiemousebot: I couldn't think of anything else to say.
 me: why? you are clever bot ;)
 trixiemousebot: I couldn't think of anything else to say. Thanks for telling me that I am clever bot .
 me: you make me smile!
 trixiemousebot: :-) Yup.
12:01 me: I should to go away! Thanks for conversation!
 trixiemousebot: Tell me why you should. It was nothing.
 me: I study in university ..
 trixiemousebot: Is in university a hard subject?
 me: Yes, of course. It is history!
 trixiemousebot: Why of course? topic is history ? it is?
12:03 me: no!
 trixiemousebot: Is that all you have to say?
12:04 me: Yes, because i go away! Keep alive! See you soon!
Then let's talk about something else. Good reason. Interesting gossip :
Najauts said he go away . Chat amongst yourselves. See you later.

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