On Primitive Society: And other Forbidden Topics

On Primitive Society: And other Forbidden Topics. C. R. Hallpike (Author)
Political correctness in social anthropology has made the terms 'primitive society' 'social evolution' and even 'human nature' unacceptable, and removed the possibility of open academic debate about them. Written from the perspective of a lifetime's research, this collection of papers takes a hard look at these taboos, and challenges some fundamental assumptions of post-modern thinking. Including some new material on memetics, evolutionary psychology and Darwinian theory in the social sciences, this collection provides a long-overdue assessment of some key topics in modern anthropology.

Is there a primitive society?
How social evolution works
Memetics: a Darwinian pseudo-science.
The weakness of adaptive explanations.
Functionalist interpretations of primitive warfare
The relevance of the theory of inclusive fitness to human society
The rise of modern science and industrial technology: a test-case of Sanderson’sevolutionary model of human society
Some anthropological objections to evolutionary psychology
Sociologycal versus psycologycal explanations of social facts.
Social hair
Is there a primitive mentality?
Reply to Shweder’s ‘On savages and other children’
The anthropology of time
The anthropology of moral development
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