10 Reasons Why You Should Attend DUPHAT ?

Pharma and healthcare conferences are one such way to hit multiple targets as they proffer an excellent platform for networking and unleashing a plethora of opportunities that have been left untapped.

Worldwide, healthcare is an indispensable aspect of living; however, there is no dearth of identifiable challenges, hence there is a dire need of innovative and recent therapy approaches. Healthcare Trends in the MENA region varies considerably with some countries spending enormously on healthcare, with others newly gearing up to achieve the same.

For an example:-

  1. Some of the countries in Gulf cooperation council (GCC) registering 70% of the deaths,

2. Whereas, countries such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait accounting for 78% and 73% deaths respectively,

3. As presented by a survey by WHO. Similarly, Egypt, with a population of 95.7 Million, approximately 82% of the deaths are due to non-communicable diseases.

MENA is mostly an untapped and unexplored region. However, recently the efforts made by the governments of different countries of the MENA region, as a consequence, has led to many international pharma giants to establish their manufacturing units.

Located at the centre of the world, connected via all the three ways land, air and sea routes, geographically also, MENA is at an advantage, giving easy access to over 43 countries. Dubai Silk Road Strategy, and well-equipped logistics and drug manufacturing plants, industry-academia collaborations UAE is already a base of more than 95% of the pharma players.

However, the topical location of some of the countries in the MENA region like Nigeria also can be a leading cause of outbreaks of polio, meningitis, cholera, pandemic influenza, yellow fever, measles, hepatitis and tetanus. Moreover, the population of Nigeria is growing at a rapid rate, and according to a survey, would notch up to become 3rd largest in the world.

In addition to this, the Pharma market in Nigeria would grow due to an increase in the geriatric population of the country. Conclusively, the MENA region offers to be a lucrative place to expand and grow due to a multitude of factors in favour of the cause.

DUPHAT, in last 25 years of its existence, has successfully garnered the attention and positive response from all over the world and has come to be recognized as the largest gathering of the pharma industry in the Middle East and Africa region. Spanning the area of over 18000 sq. Km, DUPHAT exhibits the recent trends and innovation made in the pharma and biotech industry.

DUPHAT provides a platform to construct new relationships and nourish the existing ones, establish the new business, and strengthen the existing ones specifically in the MENA region. Herein are penned down the top 10 reasons in brief as of why one should be interested in exhibiting and making presence at DUPHAT:

  1. Dive deep into Pharma and biotech market insights.
  2. Know more about pharma market trend, and R&D in the MENA region.
  3. Get acquainted with C-level delegates and know their perspectives of the industry.
  4. Get a hold of ever-changing drug approval regulatory authorities of MENA conference and different geographies as well.
  5. Book meetings with key stakeholders of Life Science vertical, publish your research or accelerate your business.
  6. Plan congresses with pharma players.
  7. Uncover opportunities to merge, acquire, license-in and license-out your products.
  8. Highlight your products and services.
  9. Use it as a medium to enter in the market and mark your presence.
  10. Influence the pharma players and get your brand recognized.

Source :- International Conference In Dubai