May 18, 2019


When you start playing Dominant, you become Dominant in life.

We all learn to live through games. In childhood, they played daughters-mothers, preparing for a “traditional role”, preparing imaginary food in a plastic kitchen, playing “relationships” between Barbie and Ken, gradually adopting and accepting models of behavior of parents or movie characters, playing them in the game and then real life. ⠀

So it is not surprising that women who try on the role of Upper in field games with partners become more confident in life.

We learn to order, demand, punish, refuse to role-play, and then in life - we deny undue attention and unpleasant services, demand our own, punish offenders, order us to play by our rules. We learn to be strong and gradually become strong.

When I started practicing BDSM with different partners, I learned many cool things. For example, do not be ashamed of your desires and your body - how can you doubt your superiority when a slave worships your body with tears in his eyes? I learned to enjoy myself by putting myself first. I accept the blessings without feeling guilty for them, because I got rid of the oppressive feeling that I owed something. I learned how to raise my voice, ceased to be quiet and modest, discarding the idea of ​​"sit quietly and not shine." I demand my (and more) frenzied rage and will not stop without getting what I want. I do not agree to compromises. I feel really strong in all possible aspects. And I'm not ashamed to say “I” 11 times in one paragraph.

Many of us should learn this, because the real struggle for women's rights begins with a sense of inner strength and lack of learned helplessness.

It's time to take a whip in your hands and slap problems on the ass! # Path Whip