Securities, Moscow COO, Vice President в Goldman Sachs

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Securities, Moscow COO, Vice President в Goldman Sachs


 Business Coordination & Strategy:


  • Coordinate development and implementation of business initiatives (e.g. OOOB OTC Trading strategy);
  • Ongoing review of business products and processes in order to (1) review profitability, (2) decrease costs, (3) improve efficiency and (4) decrease risks;
  • Leading RNAC discussions;
  • Strategic trades preparation & execution oversight;
  • Enabling OOOB for trading of complex derivative payouts in FX/Rates;
  • Enabling Commodities product suite for the clients;
  • Consider, coordinate and update business strategy for OOOB and/or using the local infrastructure;
  • Prepare OOOB Business Plan, including its regular update and follow-ups;
  • Enhancing product offering on OOOB side (i.e. dual-CCY deposits).

Current business initiatives

  • Business side of Entity Consolidation project;
  • Building up local CSA process (including Russian language margin call notices);
  • Development of trade execution process in OOOB (i.e., Russian language confirmations, turnaround timelines, etc.);
  • DMA for Cash Equities Enablement.

  Client facilitation:

  • Docs negotiation facilitation (RISDA, ISDA, GMRA);
  • Coordination of complex Legal / Operational issues (i.e. Corporate NDAs);
  • Prioritization & execution of Client onboarding queue;
  • Further expansion of GSI Russian client business by supporting & processing ISDA and GMRA documentation;
  • Onboarding of ~ 40 new clients (KYC & RISDA coordination);
  • Coordination of GSI-related KYC requests from the Russian counterparties, including withholding tax certificates confirming GSI tax residence as annually requested by Russian banks and corporates.

 Management & Strategy

  • Weekly RELG agenda
  • Management & EO Presentations


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May 16, 2018