Head of legal CIS and South East Europe в DHL

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Head of legal CIS and South East Europe в DHL

Job purpose:

Providing legal, insurance advice (in the conjunction with the Insurance and Risk Department) and regulatory services to all entities of DPDHL (Express and Logistics) in the CISSEE/Russia.


Principal responsibilities:

  • To manage direct employees of legal department to accomplish existing tasks, ensuring compliance oflaws and regulations for all operations in an organization. 
  • To build up working strategy of legal department, to incorporate regional and global strategy in accordance with local policies and guidelines of all the countries within the Territory.
  • To control assets and others sources in a most effective and efficient manner.
  • To ensure strict adherence to corporate principles and legislation in all entities of DPDHL in the CISSEE and Russia. 
  • To be responsible for supporting high level of the legal department employees proficiency, to ensure effective management and personnel motivation to guarantee the accomplishments of all the tasks.
  • To advise the concerned parties with all questions related to the changes of legislation.
  • To ensure achievement of budgeted workload, revenue and income and to take measures to eliminate any deviation. 
  • To realize investment plan according to the budget. To forecast and plan intended expenditure. 
  • To analyze foreign trade contracts and to control drawing up contracts related to the company’s activity. 
  • To provide with the choice of several external legal advisers and consultants and to control expenses. 
  • To control court proceedings (such as trial of clients’ demand, debts, loss compensations, property disputes, labor disputes, etc.) directly or through the mediation of external consultants.
  • To cooperate with public authorities: tax authorities, post office, police, etc. on issues related to the territory. 
  • To give an advisory opinion and support on projects for all company’s department in the way of business: sales, customer service, customs and HR departments, etc. 
  • To advise company departments with the questions related to the development of local regulatory acts. 
  • To consult promptly on particular projects and to support regions on administrative and legal issues for regional offices and agencies. 
  • To manage all legal department activities in the way of business: to provide licenses, power of attorney, authorizations, certificates, etc. 
  • To advise and support on corporate issues under changes in company’s structure: Charter, Shares, Shareholders’ documentation and Committee of Directors. 
  • To give necessary support on tax legislation issues (as for the Company and for agencies): VAT, withholding tax on interest and dividends, support on dispute with public authorities. 
  • To advise commercial departments on various issues (contract conditions, claims, etc.) while working with major clients. 
  • To advise on financial issues: commercial loans, shareholding, DHL service desks funding by the parent-company, nonrecurring expenses, and special investments for agencies. 
  • To be responsible for foreign exchange legislation compliance, cooperation with Central bank and other currency exchange regulation authorities. 
  • To prepare contracts and in-line documentation with all clients and the largest suppliers to refund VAT and to keep it for tax purposes. 
  • To manage all legal issues and to provide business continuity. 
  • To decide questions on cooperation with suppliers according to existing regional and local company’spolicy and procedures.
  • To create new legal products for effective and efficient business.
  • To maintain paperwork process on all court proceedings, bad debts and issues related to the responsibility of third parties or employees. 
  • To participate in global functional meetings, including preparing drafts of documents.
  • To evaluate risks for business management, to cooperate with internal and external auditors, to examine financial reliability of the companies (clients, partners, etc.). 
  • To control observation of business ethics norms, anti-corruption and cartel laws of the companies related to the territory.
  • To build up necessary policies and guidelines to adhere to business ethics rules, anti-corruption and cartel laws. 
  • To perform spoken and written requests of a line manager related to direct responsibilities and to prepare reports of the performed tasks.


An employee has a right:

  • To use all working rights in accordance with Russian Labor Legislation.
  • To receive compensations and benefits determined by labor contract and local statutory acts. 
  • To put forward suggestions under his responsibility to the management.

To have access to the information and statutory and regulatory documents which are necessary for discharging direct duties.

 Skills, Knowledge and Experience:

  • Degree in law.
  • A minimum of 12 years work experience in law.
  • Not less than 5 years of managerial experience.
  • Strong knowledge of Russian and International law with expertise in the laws of the countries of Territory, risk evaluation. 
  • Practical knowledge of court proceedings.
  • Knowledge of paperwork procedures in accordance with the legislation. 
  • Strong analytical skills. 
  • Strong negotiation skills, both internal and external. 
  • Strong communication, presentation and cross cultural corporate relations skills.
  • Russian-native speaker, fluent English (including law vocabulary).

Cooperation for discharging direct functions:

  • In the company:
  • Employees of DPDHL.
  • Outside the company:
  • Law companies in the CISSEE and Russia.
  • Law offices in the CISSE and Russia.



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July 25, 2018