Characteristics of Blockchain Dapp

Here is some of the characteristics of Decentralized Application ( DApp )

1 ) Decentralized

All DApps are decentralized , which means all dapps are developed on blockchain , a distributed ledger . Decentralized refers to the distribution of authority across all nodes .All the individuals using dapp stores the records on the public ledger that is immutable and unhackable .

Thus every business people prefer DApp over normal App for its decentralzied nature.

2 ) Immutatble

All information stored on DApp are immutable . Immutability refers to the less or no chance of changing the data or records stored by an individual . When any individual tries to modify or change the records it will be notified by all other individuals and changes will be made when all individuals approve for it .

3 ) Unhackable

The concept of decentralization restricted the chance for hacking of records by unauthorized individuals . This unhackable nature of dapp creates more secured environment which makes a trustworthyness among people.

4 ) Open Source

Of course. Decentralized Applications are open source platform . This shows that there is no central goverance or monitor of dapps . Any changes in dapp must be decided through consensus or majority of the users of that particular dapp.

5 ) Incentivized

DApp allows for rewards and incentives for the active participation of all-nodes of blockchain dapp . This rewards will be in the form of cryptotokens or crypto coins . These are native tokens and can only be used for in-app activities and purchases .

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