L7.Trade is a multi-currency inter-exchange exchange platform with a large number of advantages that cannot be discarded.

OTC arbitrage (arbitrage trading) is a type of mediation in which the task of the trader is to communicate the buyer and seller. One of them is ready to buy more expensive, and the second - to sell cheaper. On the difference between prices and earn arbitrage, in this case. This type of mediation provides a completely different level of earning strategies for trading cryptocurrencies, since it has infinite profitability.

In human terms, this service makes it possible to trade between cryptocurrency exchanges, earning on the difference in rates.


  • Multicurrency platform for combining agents, as well as unhindered currency exchange.
  • Extremely fast operations compared to many competitors, the average duration of which is 4-5 hours.
  • Everything happens in real time with monitoring of all costs and commissions.
  • Network partners are contracting agents around the world, with reserved assets, for instant transactions.
  • There are no deadlines for the sale of assets - you can make a financial transaction and use digital assets at the time you need.


First you need to register through the primary form, which can be accessed through the button on the main page in the upper right corner.

You only need to enter the most basic data (login, mail, password) and agree with the rules of the system.

After that, it is recommended to pass verification:

  • Personality and address. This type of verification involves filling in data about the user and his address of residence, and you also need to download scans of your documents.
  • Photo confirmation. A special type of confirmation, used in special cases at the discretion of the administration.

Go to your profile settings and enable two-factor authorization so that potential scammers do not have the opportunity to steal your account and withdraw funds to yourself.

In the “Wallet” section , cryptocurrency wallets and a USD transit transit wallet are available for transactions. To work in the system, you need to replenish the balance.


Trading is done by selecting exchanges for sale and purchase, based on the presented rate. Then you need to place an order. As mentioned earlier, all order statuses will be monitored in real time, step by step.


As with any other similar services related to cryptocurrency, there is a separate form for exchanging assets. The exchange commission in this case is 0.5% - you only need to agree with the rules of L7.Trade and make an exchange.


Thanks to the presence of a referral program in L7, you have an excellent opportunity to generate passive income by attracting new users to the OTC arbitration.

Feel free to attract traffic, because the service does not limit referrals and gives 21% of deductions from the income of referrals from each completed transaction.

The primary tool is a referral link with a personal refcode to pin new arrivals to you.

You can insert a promotional banner on your website and earn income from there - at your disposal are banners of popular sizes.


  • Surfing platforms. Buy cheap surf ads and drive traffic to L7.Trade. Users will be assigned to your refcode, and even in the event of a sudden closing of the site, they will have the opportunity to return, and you will have a small chance of generating income.
  • YouTube If you correctly submit material about the exchange trading, that is, paint it in a clear language, then you can attract a lot of target partners. The advantage of YouTube is the initial trust on the part of the audience, which is better, of course, not to abuse.
  • Instagram This is not an ideal social network for referral, but at least it’s possible to work in it. You just need to constantly maintain activity in your profile and redirect from your domain to your referral link, leaving all this stuff in the profile description.
  • Facebook Facebook has a large number of targeted traffic, which is well converted through groups.
  • Web site. Do you have your own theme site? Then write a review article and embed your referral link there!
  • Forums The forums have their pitfalls, but they allow you to earn without having any untwisted resources. After all, you just need to recommend the service in various forums.


L7.Trade is a platform for arbitrage trading in cryptocurrencies with unlimited prospects for earning. Having discovered this type of income generation, almost all customers are delighted.

In addition to earning from trading, the service offers a lifetime payment of deductions from attracted customers in the amount of 21% from each transaction.

Register on the L7 website