Westminster Finance Club. Instructions on how to be an active member of the Club.

What is the mission of Westminster Finance Club?

Provide community members with applied investment knowledge.

What are requirements that you need to meet to be a member of the company?

CIP Requirements:

1. Contribution. Every member of the Club should make his/her own contribution to the Club's mission and goals.

2. Investment. Members of the Club must practically start investing and feel the taste of their money working for them!

3. Personal Development. Members should always be in thirst for knowledge to develop themselves. For example, the free Certified Courses that Club recommends are required to be completed!

STEP-by-STEP instructions


To open brokerage account.

What is brokerage firm? And why we need it?

Brokerage firm is like a bridge between you and fondbozori.uz. Without brokerage account you are not able to invest.

How can I open an account?

You need to go to their office. When you will go to the office of your brokerage firm, you need to bring with you:

1. Plastic card(your own)

2. Passport/ ID

They will:

  • get some data from you
  • open account for you
  • give you login and password which you need to mention while registration to fondbozori.uz
  • introduce you market
  • send some video instructions
  • whenever you want you can ask them questions via Telegram.

Which brokerage firm to choose?

Most of us have chosen "YES INVEST MANAGE". I can recommend it too.


To register on fondbozori.uz

You need to put your login and password that were given by brokerage firm.


Brokerage firm will provide you with information on how to invest, how to pay for your account, how to buy and sell on fondbozori.uz.

You can ask questions from brokerage firm or approach to the telegram group of Westminster Finance Clubs


Invest in these 4 companies.

  1. Ózmetkombinat(uzmk)
  2. ÒzR tovar-xomashyo birjasi(urts)
  3. QizilqumSement(qzsm)
  4. Kvarts(kvts)


After investing, write me through the Telegram and inform me about your investment ,I will show how to create a table(portfolio) in Excel(like in attached photos)


Example of personal portfolio
Total portfolio of members of our club.


Third requirement is about your Personal Development. We were given a course, Introduction to Corporate Finance and we were required to finish it and get our certificates. I will attach here a video on how to find and complete this course.

Why do we need this course?

In order to know investment processes, to understand corporate finance, to be aware of what we are doing in our club.


This step is all about 1st requirement- Contribution.
What do we mean by contribution?

Everyone who wants to be a member of our Club should put his/her own efforts to improve our Club. For example,

  • I am responsible for keeping and managing our portfolio.
  • There are some girls who are contributing by helping with instagram, tiktok accounts.
  • There are some members(IT guys) who will be creating web site(we need more IT specialists, so welcome).
  • There is a team of those who learn laws of Uzbekistan that related to Stock market, dividends, shares and others.

So that, every member should help, contribute, improve our Club in order to meet 1st requirement(Contribution).


To come to every session. Usually sessions are held on Thursdays at 3:00 pm.

Matmurodova Zevarjon, portfolio manager of Westminster Finance Club.