Westminster Finance Club. Instructions on how to be an active member of the Club.


To promote financial literacy among university students and beyond university borders and to inform its members of career opportunities in the financial services industry, while networking, investing, and learning.

Provide community members with applied investment knowledge.

Membership requirements:

✓ Contribute

✓ Invest

✓ Personal Development

1. Contribution. Every member of the Club should make his/her own contribution to the Club's mission and goals. E.g. promoting the financial literacy in social media and to people around them, helping new members with induction, analyzing companies, writing short articles, initiating projects for the club, etc.

2. Investment. Members of the Club must start investing real money in Uzbek stocks and feel the taste of their money working for them! We recommend using a Buy and Hold strategy (Buying good stocks for a long period)

3. Personal Development. Members should always be in thirst for knowledge to develop themselves. E.g. Certified online courses, preparing questions for guest lecturers, watching finance movies and relevant YouTube videos.

STEP-by-STEP instructions to start investing.


To open brokerage account.

What is brokerage firm? And why we need it?

Brokerage firm is like a bridge between you and fondbozori.uz. Without brokerage account you are not able to invest.

How to choose a brokerage firm?

Use this link https://uzse.uz/exchange/members to see a full list of brokerage firms that are licensed by the regulator of the capital market in Uzbekistan. If the company you chose is not in this list, then we strongly recommend not to have business with them to avoid any fraud problems.

We have shortlisted three brokerage firms that do not have an investment threshold (can start with any amount) and have the minimum commissions (1% per transaction):

ООО "Alp omadinvest"



How can I open an account?

You need to call one of the above-mentioned brokerage firms and arrange an appointment in their office. They usually ask you to bring your

Plastic card (with your own name) and you

Passport/ (Ask for details before )

You broker will open an account for you and provide you with the login and password for www.fondbozori.uz. Once you become their client, you can ask them to explain how to deposit money in your brokerage account, navigate in fondbozori.uz, ask for investment ideas and subscribe to their telegram channel.

Once you have a brokerage account and some money (club requires you to invest at least 100,000 sums every month) in your account, you need to follow our instructions on how to buy stocks.

Step 1

To register on fondbozori.uz, you need to put your login and password that were provided by your brokerage firm.

Step 2

Brokerage firm will provide you with information on how to invest, how to pay for your account, how to buy and sell on fondbozori.uz.

You can ask questions from brokerage firm or approach to the telegram group of Westminster Finance Clubs

Step 3

We recommend considering those companies whose stocks are listed in the Republican Stock Exchange “Toshkent” (uzse.uz) and are liquid (can be bought and sold quickly without losing much money).

1. Ózmetkombinat(UZMK)

2. Òzbekiston tovar-xomashyo birjasi (URTS)

3. Qizilqumsement (QZSM)

4. Kvarts (KVTS)

5. Quvasoysement (KSCM)

6. Uzvtorcvetmet (UVCM)

7. O`zSanoatQurilishBank (SQBN)

8. Ipoteka bank (IPTB)

9. Hamkor Bank (HMKB)

Note: We do not recommend any particular stocks, every member of the club must make his own decision what stocks to buy and sell!

Step 4

After investing, text Zevara Matmurodova, (Portfolio Manager of the club) through the Telegram (@zevara_m) and inform herabout your investment ,she will show how to create a table(portfolio) in Excel(like in attached photos)

Example of personal portfolio
Total portfolio of The Club

Zevara Matmurodova, Portfolio Manager, Westminster Finance Club.