Scholars have been exploring space for many years.They have determined much beneficial information with strong evidences.However, there are so many vexed questions which causes different opinions of scientists.One of them is about intelligent life forms.Some scientists think that mankind should send messages to aliens to establish communication while others think that it is very dangerous for humanity.In this essay, I will try to examine both sides of the argument.

First of all, establishing communication with aliens is the most suitable way to investigate our universe.Scientists can improve their knowledge about space , even can determine more appropriate planet for living than Mars.Moreover, aliens are different beings who have a different style of living.Therefore, I hope that mankind also can get from this something that useful.In addition, according to the view of most scholars , aliens are more intelligent than people, hence, they might have some breakthrough technologies that are necessary for individuals.

On the other hand,keeping a connection with extraterrestrials can be life-threatening.Because they are from a different intellect and their mind allow them barely to kill us.Also if they know the location of Earth they might come to our homeland and humankind will be slaves of them.Furthermore, as we do not have enormous information about aliens, we do not know their secret tactics or their plans.When we keep in touch with them, perhaps, they will deceive us.Therefore, they might threaten people with several dangers that we do not illustrate.

To sum up the above analysis, extraterrestrials can modify people's life to the better, nevertheless, they may provide more dangers than benefits. Accordingly, I suggest that scientists do not establish contact with them.