July 13, 2020

The title is missing

Nowadays people use their leisure times for different purposes.Some of them want to upgrade their mind, therefore they prefer to play intellectual games. However, others suppose that it is essential to give one’s mind a rest in leisure time.

On the one hand, I absolutely agree that person should try to play more intellectual games to speed up brain development.But I think this one especially for workers who are physically loaded.The first reason why I considered so is that this method positively influences on the brain, because it enables a person to dissipate from work bustle and to think about something else.Moreover, as workers are physically loaded they do not have any energy to do sport in their leisure time, thus they do not have another choice.

On the other hand , it is also true that individuals should give a rest their mind.From my point of view this statement is more suitable for workers , who are psychologically burdened.Because as their brains are full of disorders, it can not receive a new information.At such a moment they should just get a sleep.Furthermore the most of such workers have the sitting lifestyle.Hence,it may cause physical strains, which impact on health negatively.By the reason of these, individuals should take a rest in their leisure time.

To conclude the above analysis, both ideas are necessary for people.Nevertheless if you have your own choice , nobody can say that this is wrong.