July 23, 2020

Scientists and technology experts seem to be more valued by modern society than musicians and artists.To what extent do you agree?

Nowadays,scholars and technology experts are more beneficial for humanity than people in entertainment, such as musicians and artists.I am completely agree with this statement.In this essay,I will examine the causes of such affirmation.

First of all, since current century is the time for development of humanity,mankind should not stop own progress and must discover new capabilities.For instance, one of the most essential goals for now is the movement from Earth.This mission will also completed by scientists.As you see,there is no any entertainment members, therefore, their position is secondary in modern society.

Another reason why i support this view is solving the global problems, which have life-threatining impacts on health of people.To illustrate,they are a lot of issues, that concern whole world,such as global warming,marine contamination ,air pollution,etc.All of them is carried out under the influence of scientists.

Moreover,explorers and technology experts can also predict some future conditions that might threaten to our life.To demonstrate,we can take again migration from Earth.In scientists opinion,the chance to live in Earth has been decreasing year by year.Therefore,they already found another planet and began research in this area.

To conclude,I think that there is no any musicians or artists that help develop and save our world from dangers.So,I hope that I could prove my point of view.