How to Change Facebook password on iPhone?

Learn the process to Change the Facebook password on iPhone

Large numbers of users or the black cats are hacking into Facebook accounts which is growing at a rapid rate. Then if you willing to hack the account, users might be looking for the best possible ways to change the password in a safe and secure way. So the answer is here for how to change facebook password on iPhoneby following all the below-mentioned steps which is easy to follow.

Follow these steps to change the facebook password in one go

  • In the beginning of the process, first, you need to open the Facebook on iPhone and you have to tap the tab with the three lines at the bottom right corner.
  • Now you have to swipe down and choose the settings & privacy and concurrently choose the privacy and the shortcuts.
  • After following the above, you should wipe down and tap to change the password
  • Now you have performed all the basic steps to change the facebook password.

it is recommended then to change facebook password on iPhone by following the above instructions to get you back on the safe corner. It should be noted that you should keep the details of the email associated active of your account. If needed you may contact at the customer support end to further resolve the query or to get the immediate feedback or response from the other side.