Penetration Tester, remote, from 3000$

InCountry is helping companies meet the increasing complexity of data residency and data protection laws globally by enabling companies to quickly address data residency issues in a secure manner.

Duties and Responsibilities
· Perform security tests on networks, web-based applications, and computer systems.

· Design these tests and tools to try to break into security-protected applications and networks to probe for vulnerabilities.

· Conduct physical assessments of servers, systems, and network device security. They look for ways to exploit vulnerabilities and design solutions to security issues like temperature, humidity, vandalism, and natural disasters.

· Conduct Security Audits to pinpoint ways that attackers could exploit weaknesses in security systems by conducting network and system security audit

· Analyze organization enforced policies for effectiveness, suggest improvements on security policies, and work to enhance methodology material.

· Write Security Assessment Reports and discuss solutions with IT teams and management.

· Stay up to date with the latest methods for ethical hacking and testing and keep evaluating new penetration testing tools.

Basic Qualifications

· +2 years of experience in technical analysis and design, preferably within a consulting environment

· Experience working with the company, client, and/or equivalent vendor-mandated methodology

Other Qualifications

· Good communication skills

· Ability to manage competing priorities in a complex environment

· Ability to devise creative technical solutions

· Ability to convey a strong presence, professional image, and deal confidently with complex technical problems


Remote work from anywhere in the world.

● Contract directly with an American company.

● Flexible schedule

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