DevOps engineer (with a business trip of 3 months to America)

Мечтайте поработать в большой интерпайз компании? Нужен DevOps (Azure) expert готовы на 3 мес в командировку в Америку.

We are looking for a senior DevOps engineer. The DevOps Engineer will work closely with clients and IT team members to understand the departmental stakeholder requirements that drive the analysis and design of quality infrastructure technical solutions in our Azure environment. The engineer will be responsible for the design and implementation of applications’ build, release, deployment, and configuration activities. Other responsibilities include working with internal IT organizations to gather requirements, prototyping, and architecting, implementing/updating solutions, building and executing test plans, performing quality reviews, managing operations, and triaging and fixing operational issues. The DevOps engineer will also be responsible for development, implementing and managing industry standard DevOps processes.


·Development experience and understanding of programming languages such as PowerShell, C#, Python, and Go. Ideally an understanding of design patterns

·Creation of PowerShell modules and understanding of the DRY principle when creating reusable programming artifacts.

·Understanding of Git and best business practices such as branching, merging, and administration of repositories.

·Experience with SQL and NoSQL data stores such as SQL Server, MySQL, Mongo DB, and Cosmos DB.

·Troubleshooting of production issues such as latency, connectivity, timeouts, slowness, and error tracking with SQL data stores.

·Solid understanding of Azure including the administration of resources, architecture patterns, using code to manage end points, and the Azure SDK.

·Programming experience with the Azure SDK and a programming language such as PowerShell, Python, C# or Go.

·Network administration in a public cloud offering, Azure AD, PII, and security.

·Windows and Unix system administration and configuration. Utilization of scripting languages to administer servers such as PowerShell and Python.

·Administration and automation of infrastructure components through Terraform including Azure modules. Utilization of the Terraform command line tool and infrastructure administration through it.

·Configuration management tooling with Puppet, Chef or Ansible. Ability to make architectural decisions with tooling orchestration and configuration.

·Continuous integration tooling management with VSTS, Bamboo or similar tool.

·Utilization of Docker in a production environment including image administration, versioning, deployment, and life cycle. Understanding of the Docker command line including the creation of nodes, child nodes, and creating swarms.

·Containerization orchestration management through Kubernetes or Mesosphere in a production environment.

·Configuration of Application Insights and application monitoring within Azure including the creation of alerts and notifications from application feeds

·Solving of production issues in a .NET architecture including the following architectures; MVC, Client-Server, and Microservices.

·Understanding of the administration of security certificates and encrypted communication through SSL, and TLS.

·Worked with service fabric Mircroservices including application of security certificates, deployment, and auto-scaling.

·Ideally be able to write test scripts in Selenium to validate deployed artifacts.

·Have an automation / coding mindset when solving business problems.

·Understand the cost dynamic when looking at system administration and strive to limit business expenditures.

·Be able to make just cases in build/buy scenarios while always looking after the best interests of the business.

·Strong problem solving abilities and capable of articulating specific technical topics or assignments.

·Experience in building scalable and highly available distributed systems.

·Expert in breaking down problems and estimate time for development tasks.

·Evangelizes how our technology solves customer problems from a technology and business perspective.

·Ability to work with engineers from various global locations and time zones.

·Ability to takes ownership of small and medium sized tasks and deliver while mentoring and helping team members.

·Strong oral and written communication skills.

·Strong interpersonal skills.

·Effective team building and problem solving abilities.

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