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September 11, 2019

Ulitfit Cranial Implant - 3D Incredible

The Cranioplasty is defined as a neurosurgical procedure to sheath an injured portion of the skull; such injuries are caused by accidents, tumors, and congenital defects. It’s quite important that Cranial Implants fit the exact specifications of an individual’s skull in order to attain long-term success and comfort. Thus Cranial Implants are highly intricate and must be manufactured to the highest standards.

To meet these design & functional requirements, 3D Incredible uses patented specifications for ‘UltiFit’ – Customized Cranial Implants. These patient-specific implants help to maintain the required shape and provides better aesthetics. UltiFit Cranial Implants have several benefits over conventional & standard size implants and here we will discuss the top 10 reasons why one should choose UltiFit Cranial Implants for ultimate results.

  • Easy to Use:
    UltiFit Cranial Implants are tailored to the anatomy of the specific patient, paving the way for a whole new approach to patient care. Since they are designed with uttermost precision giving exact dimensions and shape as per the patient’s requirement, it becomes relatively easier for doctors to place these implants and conduct the surgery. Along with this, these implants are light in weight and have screw holes for fixing making them very convenient to operate compared to conventional implants.
  • Perfect Fit:
    Cranial Implants made from traditional methods typically come with a uniform base, preventing them from sitting flush against the curved surface of the skull. This leaves gaps for fluid and tissue ingress, increasing the risk of microbial infection and tissue inflammation. While UltiFit Cranial Implants are tailored to fit to facilitate surgical implantation and eliminates the gap between the implant and the bone. These implants remain robust and well-integrated with the skull even after a long period of time.
  • Strong and Stable Protection:
    3D Incredible uses materials that are strong, resistant to infection and radiolucent. Ti6AI4V ELI alloy is the most commonly used material for making these implants. It is a Titanium alloy having high strength, high corrosion resistance, excellent biocompatibility, good osseointegration, low thermal expansion, and low thermal conductivity. In addition, use of computer-assisted 3D modeling in designing these implants provides perfect shape and size giving it more stability.
  • Complicated surgeries can be Planned Conveniently:
    Customized implants allow surgeons to reconstruct the defect in the best possible way along with a reduction in recovery time. Surgeons can study patient’s defect and discuss with 3D Incredible team to design implants as per anatomical requirement, contour, and bone thickness with the help of high tech USFDA & CE approved designing software. 3D Incredible extends support of simulation-based/virtual surgical planning to surgeons; this helps doctors to a great extent during the surgical procedure and reduces the risk of complications.
  • Excellent Aesthetic Look:
    3D printed customized implants are anatomically perfect which results in excellent aesthetic look to boosts mental and physical state of the recipients allowing them to return to their normal routine life within very less time.
  • Faster Recovery:
    Post-op recovery may get delayed if the surgery performed is not efficient due to longer operative times, multiple implants adjustment, or any infection occurred during the surgery.
    UltiFit Cranial Implants are perfectly designed implants tailored to the specific requirements of the patient’s condition. Due to the pre-planning of surgery and perfect fitment operating time is less. With these implant, the porosity reaches 95% so that liquids can flow with as little resistance as possible, and the bone tissue is able to penetrate the outer edges of the implant, again as seamlessly as possible, and grow with it. The material used in these implants is also very stable enabling patients to lead a normal life very soon.
  • High Strength to Weight Ratio:
    UltiFit Cranial Implants are made from biocompatible Ti6Al4V -ELI (Titanium) which has a very high strength to weight ratio, making them extremely light weighted.
  • Anatomy Models:
    The human brain is a complex structure and operating on it can sometimes get difficult for surgeons. Currently, physicians solely rely on MRI or CT scans to study or stimulate surgery, which isn’t completely instructive as they are viewed in 2D on a flat-screen. However, having a tangible model of a patient’s cerebral anatomy will give surgeons a better understanding of each and every part. 3D Incredible makes precise anatomical models which surgeons can use to study and practice before performing complicated surgeries.
  • Reduced Operating Time:
    In traditional procedures of implant surgeries, surgeons perform a pre-op assessment on the patient and then visually inspect the placement of the implant. They make repeated adjustments until a ‘best fit’ is found, which takes longer surgery time. While UltiFit cranial implants provide perfect fit where no adjustments are required, thus leading to shorter operating time.
  • Tool Less:
    3D printing is a tool-less technology which means less human intervention and faster process, thus 3D printed implants have very less changes of contamination and imperfection.


Now that you know the criticality of cranial implants; opting for the best quality implants is always better. UltiFit -Customized Cranial Implants by Incredible AM Pvt. Ltd. covers all the aspects and properties to provide the best possible results.