Publishing for everyone.

We reimagined the writing workflow and simplified the editing tools to let you focus on one key element — your words. As intuitive as it may be, Teletype is a powerful publishing platform built with best technology and modern media trends in mind. Best of all, it is free.
Channel Subscriptions
Build an audience and keep it actively engaged with easy channel subscriptions. Readers receive a notification when new content is up.
Custom Domain & SSL
Teletype can be setup with your own custom domain, preserving the continuity of your blog, media outlet or a brand. Auto secure with SSL certificates.
Google Analytics
Teletype connects to Google Analytics with one simple step to help you learn more about your audience just as you would with your own website.
Interact with your audience by letting them comment on your posts.
Adaptive Layout
Teletype looks great across all devices, be it desktop, tablet or smartphone.
Sharing Preferences
You are in complete control over setting preferences on how your content is shared.
Multi Channels
Create and manage multiple blogs with different names, under a single account.
Permissions allow you to add authors to your account that can contribute to your channel.
Notification Center
New subscriptions, new posts, comments and replies made, among other information. With push.
Save your unpublished work in Drafts, which you can still share with others by sending a direct link.
Teletype let’s you create your own topics and categories and apply them to your posts.
Instant View
For Telegram & Facebook.
Retina Ready
Teletype preserves the quality of hi-res images for Retina-like displays.
SEO Friendly
Search engines correctly find and index the content created with Teletype.
Forget The Code
You don’t need to know a single line of code to broadcast media-rich messages to your audience.