July 12, 2020

Delete FRP and Samsung account

ATTENTION! Before ordering, be sure to send imei to check the region.

The time for receiving the service is 1-8 hours on business days from 10:00 to 19:00 (Moscow time). Saturday, Sunday and public holidays there may be delays. Our telegram account for communication

1. Download and run USB Redirector from this link

2. Click Next and enter 1077 0652 3870 in the Technician ID

3. In the Additional information field, enter your nickname, name or email

4. Press Connect and ONLY then connect the device

5. If you see the active first item as in the screenshot below, then reconnect the device. The SECOND item must be active!

6. Provide support staff with the nickname, name or email that you specified in Additional information.

Everything is extremely simple and safe, after 10-20 minutes there will be nothing left on the device to resemble FRP and Samsung account. It is also worth noting that the status of knox will not change and the device will not lose its warranty.