October 31, 2020

Angular Versions

Angular is the most popular framework which helps to build web applications with lots of features. The first major release of Angular was launched in 2012.

Angular 9 was released recently. Learn about these versions and implement it in your projects with the help of AngularJS Training in Chennai, guidance from the specialist is helpful.

AngularJS is easy to develop web applications with magnificent features.  

Angular 9 features list: 

1. Angular Components

2. Strict Mode

3. Improved Developer experience

4. AOT compilation everywhere

5. Bundle sizes

6. Improved Internationalization

7. Improved type checking

8. Improved style binding

9. Improved build errors

10. Better debugging

11. Faster testing

12. Globalization

Everything you need to know about Angular

SPA Features

With Angular support, developers can change their behavior of HTML elements in the UI. Angular helps to create their validations and the developer can handle the error easily. Build your web application with the support of AngularJS Training in Bangalore, a specialist approach is helpful. 

Easy tests 

Testing becomes easy when it comes to the AngularJS framework. The module function helps developers to implement the automated testing easily. 

Offers Modularity 

Modularity allows developers to build a single application in a short duration. AngularJS automatically creates an additional module to get better results.  

Community Support App 

AngularJS developers have experience in making improvements to the open-source framework. Google Developed AngularJS and it has a large community for the web development process.  

Key differences of Angular

Angular depends on the Model View Controller. It expresses the application behavior and manages its rules, data, and logic. The controller accepts input and view, at the same time it generates output based information. Angular uses directives and components, AngularJS Online course will be effective for all to enhance their skill in the web development field. 

Dependency Injection

AngularJS has a hierarchical DI system. 

Management and Scalability 

Angular is very fast compared to AngularJS. The code is easy to learn and build the website with excellent features. 

Expression Syntax 

Use ng directive to bind a property/image with AngularJS. 


In Angular, @Route configuration defines routing information. 


Angular is written in Typescript and AngularJS is written in JavaScript. It allows for static typing. Typescript helps to build and maintain JavaScript programs. Know more about Angular through the AngularJS course in Chennai and become an amazing web developer.

Why to choose Angular? 

Assistance with Angular CLI 

Angular Command Line Interface is the command-line tool that helps developers in testing and developing their projects easily. Angular CLI version was launched as a key element for different Angular-based projects with Angular 4.  

Effective with Animations 

Functions obligatory for animations, it also offers an angular core module for better results. Animations can improve your application and user experience in several ways. Angular 9 is the best choice on the market now. Learn the different versions of Angular through Angular Training in Chennai and reach a great height.