October 30, 2020

Some Advantages of Faceless Assessment Scheme

The faceless assessment scheme has another benefit on its list. According to govt officials who have researched the faceless assessment, said the new assessment scheme will bring relief for the honest taxpayers. In the current scheme, the tax department, and employees may take bribery but within the faceless assessment, it Is easier for the honest taxpayers to directly submit their tax returns without known to whom they're submitting, thus eradicating the probabilities of bribery.

With their advantages, many people take government machinery as a tool to harass innocent people and by this faceless mechanism, this issue also will be covered.

Process of the Faceless Tax Assessment:

• National e-Assessment Center will issue the notice

• The receiving assessee will reply within 15 days

• The center will assign a politician for the case in Assessment Unit i. e. Regional Electronic Assessment Center REAC

• NEAC will then communicate with the assessee, verification unit, and technical unit

• It sends all unit information to NEAC

• NEAC collect all these details and send it to REAC

• After check all the knowledge, REAC is preparing a draft assessment order

• It will now be sent to NEAC

• The assessee is given an opportunity to save his case and therefore the fine is going to be charged

Preparation of faceless Assessment order

Based on all available information, the concerned assessment unit shall prepare the draft assessment order after considering all the relevant information available and send an equivalent to the National E-assessment center. Within the case of best judgment assessment, the assessment unit shall prepare the draft assessment order to the simplest of data.

The assessing unit may accept the income declared by the assessee within the return or may change it.

Draft assessment orders is going to be sent to NAC alongside penalty proceeding, if any, to be initiated.


It curbs corruption as there is no or minimum interaction between the officials and the taxpayers. it will be available 24*7 online, therefore can easily be contacted. Machine Learning, artificial intelligence, automated examination tools will facilitate efficiency, transparency, and integrity. Here we discuss faceless assessment schemes. If you need more details then go to our official website.

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