July 23, 2020

Welded Metal Bellows Market 2020: Market Restraining Factors & Market Share

Customized offerings and Unsuitable Industrial Environment Curb the Market Growth

The sealing effect of bellows is as good as the environment it is utilized in. But for certain industrial applications, the metal bellows are unsuitably selected owing to the fundamental lack of design limitation awareness among end-users. For instance, in the food and beverage industry, the utilization of metal bellows is accounted to be unfavorable. This is owing to the bellows convolutions that create bug traps, which is difficult to clean thoroughly during the operational process.

Most of the manufacturers offer welded metal bellows as per the end-user demand. The bellows being small-sized components, have chances of breakdown failure owing to the high temperature at welded joints, where the excess heat possibly reduces the metal strength. Reduced metal strength shortens the life span of bellows, thereby, shrinking the volatility of bellows material. Moreover, there is a lack of availability of substitutes in the market owing to the customized offerings of metal bellows. This results in a high cost of raw material in the case of spot manufacturing. As a consequence, it is difficult to avail of the instant replacement of welded bellow in case of breakdown failure in manufacturing plants.

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Adoption of Stainless Steel Metal Bellows is Expected to Dominate the Market

The major applications wherein these bellows are deployed include electrical interrupters, power transmission systems, and industrial controls. Therefore, considering all its features, the adoption of such bellows will increase, which in turn will expect to boost the market over the forecast period.

Furthermore, Nickel welded bellows refer to the bellows which are ideally suited for high temperature owing to its properties of hard material with excellent corrosion resistance. This type of metal bellows is extensively used in aerospace applications. Therefore, the growth of high nickel alloys is expected to grow gradually over the forecast period.