2009 Countertop Trends

With the 2009 housing slump and economic downturn making its way through the whole economy, the countertop manufacturing industry has been adversely affected. The decline is affecting all markets, like the residential home remodeling market, single-family builder market, commercial builder market, and buying market.

During this economic crisis, many builders and remodelers are being forced to cut costs by buying lower-end stock for custom countertops and surfaces. Instead of buying premier granite countertops and marble countertops, they're opting to get plastic laminated countertops instead to save money.

Even homeowners and commercial owners are cutting costs due to their remodeling projects or new construction projects by choosing more affordable kitchen and bathroom countertops granite countertops. While plastic laminate countertops may look like genuine, they're not. Plastic laminate countertops are made from surface papers to offer it the looks of stone or ceramic. They're less durable than real granite or marble countertops, show scratches easily, are susceptible to stains, and are harder to keep clean. The drawbacks far outweigh its affordability.

According to a recent study conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking and Kitchen Intelligence, 10,000 consumers were asked what was at the the surface of the list for anyone seeking to incorporate value for their homes. The overwhelming response was kitchen renovations, with granite countertops being one of the very most coveted features.

Although budgets may be tight throughout the housing slump, many consumers are realizing this 1 of the greatest ways to incorporate value for their home is by buying granite countertops. Kitchen makeovers can dramatically boost the resale value of homes. In reality, few other home improvements can add as much value to a property as granite and quartz countertops.

Executive VP of the Marble Institute of America, Mr. Garis Distelhorst, said, "No other countertop surface can measure as much as granite when it comes to practicality, timeless beauty, durability and safety. This natural stone has held its value in ways more trendy materials have not."

So even though America may be in a slump today, those who find themselves buying quality kitchen and bathroom granite and quartz countertops can expect to see a profitable return on the investment in the near future.