How start and FAQ

I want to trading with you, what do you need?

The start of the trade. In order to start trading with me you need to register on my link and replenish your account.

Why do I make a profit by attracting you to my link and why?

I do not hide the fact that I get money for it, but I do not get it for your losses, but only for new attracted traders.

I have to spend a significant part of my money on training and testing new trading strategies in order to consistently go into profit and let you earn on my knowledge and learn to trade yourself

How much I make per day?

I don't make$ 1 million a day, but I make $ 1000-3000 steadily thanks to our common work.

The process of trading signals is quite simple, I make an announcement for a few hours, when you need to be ready to trade with me, then I give a signal on which you trade and we make a profit.

How many signals i give?

I give from 3 to 5 forecasts per day with a passability of 80% so no one will be left without profit.

Last step.

After replenishing your account, you need to write to the administrator and send a screenshot of your account or account id and you will receive a link to join the channel. I apologize in advance if I don't answer you during the day, I wrote quite a lot of people do not have time to reply to everyone.

Good luck to everyone, waiting for you!

On all issues write here @IQOP_TRADER