June 20, 2021

Cashing out bank accounts using Dharma

Hello, friends. Today you will learn how to cash out bank account with Dharma.

With this crypto-app, we can buy and subsequently trade and withdraw cryptocurrencies to our wallets.

What do we need for successful cash out? • A phone with Android or IOS • Verified up to 2 level Dharma account (buy from @mrkrabsdocs at the best price)
• Bank account (better to use a self-reg one)
Clean socks or good VPN

When you have acquired everything from the list above, we can start. Firstable we need to download the app: Download on Android / Download on IOS .
Then connect to ip that as close as possible to cardholder, after login from new device you will need to create a new wallet:

Gret, account is ready for use! Link your bank account with plaid, after this go to choose crypto token that you want to buy.
At our case - USDT.

Select a token and enter the amount:

The $ will leave the bank within 2-3 days and we will be able to withdraw tokens to our wallet within 7 days from the date of the deposit.
You can trade earlier.

After a while, you will see the date and time when the transfer of tokens will be available.

At the expiration of the hold, we go to the account and withdraw the tokens to our Ethereum wallet. Swap some ETH before withdrawing, they are needed to pay the commission.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple!
But, as we know, the key to a successful cash out is a high-quality verification! To order an account: @mrkrabsdocs.
We do not use virtual masks, only high-quality verification for real people. If app gonna ask additional check with a selfie, we will be able to pass it.

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